Conducting personnel Investigations Workshop

Let’s face it, unpleasant workplace incidents are a fact of life. Whether it’s misconduct, poor performance, attendance issues, or harassment, these matters increase risk for the employing school district.  One of Kentucky’s most respected education law leaders, KASA Legal Counsel Wayne Young, J.D., brings his world renowned sense of humor and practical approach while leading you through a variety of case studies, legal actions, cautions, and outright “don’t do this” points.    

This is must see for anyone charged with managing difficult and legally complicated personnel matters.

The unfortunate reality is that the cost of this session is less than one-hour of phone or face time with a board attorney when you face legal pushback on matters that will be addressed in this training.  Wayne helps you mitigate problems by being professionally proactive and compliant with KY statutes, regulations, and court precedents. 

A sound investigative process and product can not only reduce the frequency of these kinds of incidents, it can be the difference between nipping them in bud and preventing recurrence, and ending up in costly and lengthy litigation or administrative hearings. Workplace culture and productivity are enhanced by well-managed investigations.

Most school leaders have no formal investigative background. Too often, they have to scramble or “make do” when faced with a complex and unsettling workplace matter that requires immediate action. 

This regionally scheduled workshop is designed to provide superintendents, personnel directors, principals, and other HR staff with tools and strategies to ensure that investigations are conducted lawfully and effectively.

Wayne always brings his world renowned sense of humor and practical approach to any session he leads.  This is must see for anyone charged with managing these difficult and legally complicated matters.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize when an investigation is called for
  • Develop an investigative plan
  • Recognize and preserve evidence
  • Conduct productive interviews
  • Preserve rights and confidentiality of parties and witnesses

Cancellation Policy

  • Written cancellation requests received two weeks prior to event will receive a refund minus $29 cancellation fee.
  • Written cancellation requests received less than two weeks prior to the event will not be refunded.

To receive a refund (minus $29 cancellation fee) cancellation must be submitted in writing by:
    - September 18 for the October 1 Session 
    - November 17 for the December 1 session
    - March 12 for the March 26 session

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December 1, 2020  •  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET
Virtual Session

March 26, 2021  •  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET
Levi Jackson State Park 
998 Levi Jackson Road 
London, KY  40744


$199 KASA Members
$249 Nonmembers

*Lunch included in registration cost