Benefits of Online Professional Development

  • Current and up-to-date training 
  • Videos are Approved for EILA and Finance Officer Credit
  • Access to professional development at your convenience 
  • Access to experts in school finance and legal issue 
  • Access to a wide variety of programs 
  • Select the programs that most impact you and your district 
  • No time away from the district 
  • Save on program fees, travel expenses, meals and lodging required for out of town programs
  • Live online programs are interactive and your questions can be answered 
  • Increase access to timely information, Increase Efficiency, Reduces Travel, Save on Expenses!

Topics Coming Soon:

• Legal Issues—Abuse & Neglect
• Legal Issues—ADA/FMLA
• Legal Issues—FLSA
• Legal Issues—Harassment/Bullying (Students)

Registration Information

Annual Membership Fee:

Districts with:
0-499 Students......................$200/year 
500-1,999 Students................$500/year 
2,000-3,999 Students.............$800/year 
4,000-9,999 Students...........$1,200/year 

To View Videos

  1. Subscribe to the Online Learning Library by calling Lisa Ducker at (800) 928-5272.
  2. Once subscribed, a KASA staff member will send your district’s logon credentials.
  3. Select the video(s) you wish to view by clicking on its respective link below. This will direct you to a registration page. Each time a video is accessed, you will be asked to register. This will be used to track EILA. Note: only those going through this process will receive EILA credit.
  4. Type your name, email and district password to view the video. (Only use the Already registered section if you previously signed into watch this video and want to to stop and come back to complete viewing.)
  5. Once you have completed watching the selected video, complete the poll by clicking on poll icon located at the bottom right of the screen. This is required to receive EILA credit.
  6. Call Lisa Ducker at (800) 928-5272to request your EILA certificate.


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