Advocacy & Legislation

The Kentucky Association of School Administrators remains committed to the vision of providing quality elementary and secondary education opportunities for the children of our state. Only with the ongoing leadership and resolve of the legislature can Kentucky live up to its commitment to educational excellence. KASA urges the General Assembly to honor our state’s constitutional mandate and restore P-12 education as its highest funding and policymaking priority. If we are to maintain our documented educational improvement, Kentucky must keep pace with the efforts of the nation and the world in assuring our students have access to the highest quality educational opportunities available. KASA commits to a partnership with the General Assembly, and with all those who would continue to make the education of Kentucky’s citizens their highest priority, in order to assure them a place in the world economy and the marketplace of ideas. 

Education Bills in the 2020 General Assembly

Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate bills and resolutions are tracked and updated each day. 

Click here for a current list of bills KASA is tracking. 

2020 Legislative Program

KASA’s Legislative Program was recommended by the governance committee and approved by the board of directors in November. The program is an integral part of our year-round advocacy work. It represents the priorities identified by the KASA membership and serves as the blueprint for the lobbying team as we move through the session. While many priorities are outlined in the program, five top priorities include:

1. Sustain the Profession through Pension Reform. Preserve TRS with no change in benefits or
        retirement conditions for current members and maintain a defined benefit system for new
        hires with benefit levels to attract and retain teachers and administrators.

2. SEEK Funding. Commit growth in state revenues to increase the SEEK base and restore
        flexible focus funds to levels that provide adequate funding for academic improvement of
        all Kentucky students.

3. Tax Reform. Adopt comprehensive tax reform measures to provide for growth of state tax
        revenues to adequately fund elementary and secondary education.

4. Safety & Resiliency Act Funding. Provide direct ongoing funding to support training
        requirements and provide multi-tiered academic, counseling, mental health and behavioral
        services for students, delivered by qualified providers to ensure all students have access to
        appropriate services.

5. Privatization. Oppose the adoption of vouchers, tax credits, scholarships or other measures
        aimed at diverting public funds from public schools. 

Download KASA’s 2020 Legislative Program here

Legislative Resources

Contact your legislator by phone and find links to laws, regulations, legislation, legislative calendar and more.
If you do not know who your legislators are, click the link below. You will be asked to enter your home address info, then click on Find Legislators