Officer Nominations

Applications due May 21, 2021

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General Information

Serving as an officer in KASA is an opportunity for a school administrator to contribute to the improvement of public education in the commonwealth, to strengthen the education profession, and to enhance his or her own professional and personal growth.

Those who are chosen to serve in a leadership position in the Association should have the confidence, respect, and cooperation of the membership.

Those who accept a leadership position should be fully committed to the Association and to the completion of the responsibilities of the office.

It is a professional honor to be chosen as an officer of KASA, an honor that is established both by the respect of the membership and by the dedication and performance of the officer.

The KASA Constitution provides for the offices of President, President-elect, Vice President, and Immediate Past President. Each officer is elected for one year, with the offices of Vice President and President-elect open for election each year. After one year of service, the President-elect becomes President and the President becomes Immediate Past President. View Policy

The responsibilities and the demands for time and involvement increase with each higher office, with the greatest responsibilities upon the President.

Applications due May 21, 2021

Nomination Process

If you are interested in serving as an officer of KASA, please review the Guidelines  prior to completing the nomination form. If additional information is needed, please contact KASA’s Executive Director Rhonda Caldwell at (800) 928-KASA.

Positions Open for Nomination: 
A. President-elect    
B. Vice President