Aspiring Superintendents Program

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Superintendents and other executive leaders are uniquely positioned to transform their schools and communities they serve. To accomplish this, incoming executives must enter the role at full speed, ready to address the never-ending menu of priorities assigned to the position. KASA is pleased to offer its members a highly exclusive experience designed to build confidence and capacity to thrive as leaders of the district they serve.

This will not be your typical leadership development program. KASA believes its members already possess many of the technical and interpersonal skills that have helped them to achieve their current role. Instead, this program will focus on cultivating an expansive, agile leadership mindset with the capacity to embrace innovation, build coalitions, and achieve sustainable change. This is transformative leadership.

The Aspiring Superintendents Program is a research-based program designed to prepare aspiring superintendents. Grounded in the Next Generation Superintendent Standards, this program consists of five sessions: five full day in-person and two (2) KASA signature events (Personnel Essentials and the Education Law & Finance Institute) which target foundational support and learning that will ensure aspiring superintendents have a solid foundation of leadership standards, the functions of the superintendent and board, and the preparatory experiences for working with the board, district team, and community.

It's one thing to be eligible to be a superintendent. It's a totally different thing to be ready. That's what KELA is all about.

A maximum of 30 members will be accepted into the KELA aspiring superintendent cohort for 2024-2025.

Program length: 9 months beginning September 5, 2024 with orientation at the KASA Training Center in Frankfort
Program will run September 2024 through April 2025. Meetings will be a face-to-face (with the opportunity to meet at districts across the state) and Zoom check ins.

Cost: $2,999.00 (includes five full training days at KASA training center, along with registration for Personnel Essentials in February and the Education law & Finance Institute in March, participation in The Leadership Challenge®, and all materials, resources, and on-site lunches).

Application Requirements:
• Must be a KASA Member to participate. May join KASA at registration
• Must have three years of administrative experience at any level

For complete information, contact Kathy Fields.

Successful Completers of the Aspiring Superintendents Program:

  1. Will have experienced the most immediately applicable, reality based, experience rich preparation program available to Kentucky educators seeking to ascend to the role of superintendent
  2. Will receive the KASA Executive Leadership Academy Certificate of Leadership Readiness and will be publicly recognized at the July 2025 KASA Annual Leadership Institute
  3. Will be invited to present a session at the 2025 KASA Annual Leadership in a KELA spotlight education session on Thursday of the event
  4. Will have achievement reported to school district with a request for public recognition at an upcoming school board meeting
  5. Will have achievement reported by press-release in KASA Daily and forwarded to the local print and online news service in his/her area