Selecting a new superintendent is one of the most important decisions a school board makes. Hiring the right leader for your district is critical to the success of your students

Our search and selection process distinguishes itself from others by providing you with a comprehensive list of services that goes beyond the legal and administrative task to providing the knowledge, skills and leadership where you can gain the insight and confidence to hire the right person to become your next superintendent. From the Board of Education and Screening Committee's role to media relations to application and selection process to making the decision, KASA will be there through every step of the process.

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Lewis County

Meet the Team

Rhonda Caldwell, Ed.D., CAE
In her role as Executive Director of KASA, Rhonda sees firsthand the critical link of a school superintendent to the overall success of the students and community he or she serves. Rhonda's extensive educational connections leads to a rich roster of potential superintendent candidates who distinguish themselves through KASA activities. Her vision for growing leaders, transforming public education, and shaping students' futures guides the work of the superintendent search team.

Wayne Young, J.D.
Wayne Young serves as KASA legal counsel and conducts frequent workshops for teachers, attorneys, and school administrators on legal issues in education such as student confidentiality issues, sexual harassment, and school personnel law. Wayne has taught school law at the graduate level for the University of Louisville and has published numerous articles on education law, including in the Kentucky Bar Journal, the official professional publication for Kentucky lawyers. He is also the author of the school law training module that has been used to train all new school superintendents in Kentucky for the past 20 years.

Jan Lantz, Ed.D.
As the former Nelson County Schools superintendent for 14 years and veteran search facilitator, Jan brings extensive superintendent search experience and knowledge of the critical role played by the superintendent. Currently, Jan helps lead the statutorily required KASA's Next Generation Leadership Series for Onboarding New Superintendents which means she has outstanding insight on the qualities and skills that a new superintendent must possess before he or she assumes the role. She was recognized as the F. L. Dupree Superintendent of the Year in 2010.

Boyd Randolph
Boyd Randolph brings a variety of experience to the KASA team. After his service as a teacher, coach, successful high school principal and Highly Skilled Educator with the Department of Education, he served as Superintendent for Somerset Independent Schools. Although any of KASA;s search team will provide outstanding service for any search we conduct, Boyd understands the unique needs of small and Independent schools and is KASA's recommended lead for these size districts.

Phil Eason

As a successful superintendent and current trainer, mentor and executive coach of new superintendents, Phil is renowned for successful superintendent searches for boards of education across the commonwealth. He possesses a strong network of contacts that includes many ready to step into the top role. Phil’s mission: “The right leader in the right place where the interests of the district and the strengths of candidate match.” In addition, he’s an experienced member of the National Baldrige Board of Examiners.

Jim Evans
Dr. Evans, former Superintendent of Lee County Schools, began his career as an instructional aide, and bus driver, then worked as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, transportation director, and director of federal programs. He knows what it means to run all aspects of the school district! Jim was recipient of 2015 Kids First Advocacy Award, 2016 KEDC Superintendent of the Year, the F.L. Dupree Superintendent of the Year and 2018 Kentucky Superintendent of the Year.

Kathy Fields
With 36 years of public-school experience, 31 dedicated to school and district level administration, Kathy Fields brings extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the importance of fostering a compatible match between superintendent and board. Kathy’s four-year service as superintendent of Jessamine County Schools focused on cultivating strong communication, building community relations, and working nationally and internationally with diverse populations.

Benny Lile
Dr. Lile retired as Superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools in 2020. His previous experience includes; middle school teacher, KDE, and 19 years as Director of Instruction/Technology for Barren County Schools. He totals 35 years of experience. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Kentucky and a doctorate from WKU.