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Deadline to submit is February 28, 2023

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KASA's Annual Leadership Institute (ALI) is the premier professional development event for Kentucky's public-school leaders. Bringing together over 1,800 administrators and education leaders from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the ALI provides opportunities for professionals to learn from renowned education experts, engage in cutting edge best practices, and network with colleagues.

Goals and Objectives of the Annual Leadership Institute

The planning team is very specific when determining the goals of the annual leadership institute. The overarching goal is to ensure leading, and learning remain at the forefront of the event while recognizing the crucial role education leaders play in creating the future and preparing the next generation of leaders and learners for successfully living in our global society. The ALI will equip and inspire participants through:

  1. Research-based content or new trends and developments
  2. Participatory experiences, networking, and inquiry
  3. Sessions that tackle issues faced by educators everyday
  4. Innovative best practices that will bring positive change to the profession
  5. Solutions to common problems
  6. Inspiration and motivation
  7. Tools that can be implemented immediately within the school and district setting
  8. Success stories from other districts and how they addressed challenges
  9. Foster new collaborations and networks among education leaders
  10. Influence how the world sees our field and demonstrate our ability to deliver societal value/impact
By submitting a proposal, you are contributing to the professional development of Kentucky's education leaders while enhancing the practice of education leadership, communication, and collaboration.

Information for Submitting a Session Proposal

Education sessions will take place Thursday, July 27, 2023, and will be one hour in length.

Length and Time
60-minute concurrent education session

Title and Description
A 15-word title and 75-word description. When crafting a title for your session, consider something succinct and descriptive that will quickly convey to both reviewers and school leader what the session is about.

Your 75-word session description should go into greater depth on what participants will learn and how you will organize your session. The most important information to convey in the description is the knowledge that will be shared and the takeaways that participants will gain from your session. The session descriptions should also be used to describe how you plan to facilitate the session, giving the reviewer a chance to understand how the session will be organized and what participants expect. If your session is accepted, the title and description you have provided will be used to promote your session.

Strand Categories
The planning team is seeking proposals that address the following topics.

  1. Establishing strong and viable relationships: Connection before content
  2. Creating vibrant learning experiences
  3. Designing innovative learning experiences
  4. Designing innovative learning opportunities and assessments
  5. Building a culture of acceptance: DEIB
  6. Constructing a positive culture for student trauma and behaviors
  7. Addressing change in the workforce: teacher retention, staff shortages, grow your own leaders, absenteeism

Proposal Submission

To submit a proposal, complete the online submission form by February 28, 2023. Your proposal should include:

  1. Session title should be 15 words or less and should clearly reflect the session’s focus and content.
  2. Type of concurrent session proposed (lecture, poster, cafe, etc.)
  3. A session description limited to 75 words and learning targets for participants, using active verbs to describe what will occur in the session and complete, clear sentences
  4. Presenter and/or co-presenters names

Presenter and Co-Presenter Registration Required

Because KASA's annual leadership institute includes more than 2,000 leaders and is that of a national event, all participants are required to register. All session proposals will be reviewed and finalized in March. Registration will be confirmed by the review panel prior to accepting a proposal. All presenters will be extended the early bird rate. The registration fee includes access to all general sessions, concurrent education sessions, featured workshops, exhibit hall, meals, activities, and EILA or finance officer credit for attending July 26-28.

Proposal Review and Notification

All proposals will be reviewed by members of the planning committee and KASA staff. Reviewers will evaluate the proposals through the lens of the following questions:

  1. How well does the proposal relate to the event theme and focus areas?
  2. Does the proposal contain innovative, research-based, and cutting-edge ideas that achieve successful results?
  3. Will the proposal’s content attract and stimulates attendees?
  4. Are the ideas, practices, and programs replicable?
  5. Are presentation techniques current, diverse, and interactive?
  6. Does the proposal/session provide the level of insight, instruction, and material that meets the high standards and expectations of KASA attendees?
  7. Does the session provide practical application?
  8. Will the presentation help attendees lead schools effectively?
  9. Are the presenters registered for the event

Kentucky Association of School Administrators

Questions? Contact Kathy Fields (kathy@kasa.org) Send completed proposal forms to Taylor McCane (taylor@kasa.org)