Growing Leaders, Transforming Public Education and Shaping Students' Futures


As the unified professional association representing all education leaders, we draw upon the strength of our diversity to best serve the needs of children and our members by the continuous improvement of education through:

  1. Professional Development of Strong Leaders
  2. Advocacy for the Welfare of Learners and Leaders
  3. Effective Participation in Shaping Education Policy


  1. Service: Provide exceptional service.
  2. Growth: Expect meaningful outcomes in the pursuit of excellence.
  3. Innovation: Merge proven successes and creative concepts to solve future problems.
  4. Teamwork: Build results through collaboration.
  5. Communication: Understand and embrace new ideas and information through two-way exchange.
  6. Integrity: Maintain uncompromised levels of credibility.
  7. Diversity: Build a culture of inclusion without exception.