Telescopic Award
2022 Recipient 

2022 Telescopic Award
Stephen West, Senator; James Allen Tipton, State Representative & Tina Bojanowski, State Representative

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For their leadership and vision in the process of drafting and passing SB 9, KASA has recognized Senator Stephen West, Representative James Allen Tipton and Representative Tina Bojanowski by awarding them the 2022 KASA Telescopic Vision Award. The award was presented during KASA’s Annual Leadership Institute July 28, 2022 in Louisville.

After four years of struggling to enact a comprehensive, evidence-based early literacy program, that had fallen victim to Covid, turf battles and politics in previous sessions, legislators who never lost focus on this critical need for Kentucky to have an effective early literacy program were finally successful during the 2022 General Assembly with the enactment of SB 9. SB 9 bill improves and expands diagnostic assessment, establishing a reliable and universal screener for reading to better identify if a student is falling behind in reading development. Also, SB 9 develops intervention and student supports, as well as family engagement, including at-home learning strategies.

The “Read to Succeed Act” strengthens teacher training and development by ensuring teachers are trained on how to properly interpret reading diagnostic results, and how to use those results to design instruction and intervention plans for the student to get them back on track.

 Year  Recipient
 2022 Stephen West, Senator
James Allen Tipton, State Representative
Tina Bojanowski
, State Representative