Scholastic Summer Reading Resources

The end of the school year will be here before we know it, but it is not too late to ensure that your students continue to grow in their learning during the summer months.

Historically, research has shown many students experience a drop in literacy gains over the summer. Providing students with 365-day access to reading material is one of the most potent strategies we have to reverse this trend. Relevant, high-interest texts ignite their natural curiosity and keep them motivated to keep reading-directly correlating to higher achievement over the summer. Many students will also benefit from building knowledge and skills as a result of more books in the home, access to libraries, and rich, on-site learning experiences that complement what is taught in the classroom.

Our partners at Scholastic have shared three effective, engaging, and easy-to-use programs that can help you transform summer into a time of learning and achievement:

My Books Summer take-home packs-featuring high-interest books and enriching activities - are a powerful and economical way to provide reading and writing experiences to all students Grades PreK-12.

LitCamp, a breakthrough program utilizing innovative, strengths-based lessons authored by literacy expert Pam Allyn, provides the ideal setting for joyful yet rigorous learning in an interactive summer camp approach.

Scholar Zone Summer Powered by BellXcel supports students who need a lift in both ELA and Math, and is built upon a third-party validated, decades-long track record of improved student outcomes - on average, 2 months of academic gains in literacy and 2.5 months in math during the summer, according to one recent report.

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