Board of Directors Kicks Off New Year With Annual Retreat 

KASA’s governing board and staff met earlier this week for its annual retreat. Relationships, personal commitment, and legislative priorities to bring about much needed change to public education were all part of the agenda. The KASA board is exceptional. You can meet them here.

Legislators to Visit Schools & Districts
On a mission to build strong relations between both local legislators and school districts, the Principal for a Day (PFAD) program is in full effect. We are grateful to the districts who have already planned or had their visit, and we encourage other districts to do the same. Be sure to use the hashtag #Principal4aDay on social media and fill out this survey so KASA may recognize your district!

Note: The dates for PFAD have been extended through November 19.

If you need any assistance planning your visit please don't hesitate to reach out to the KASA office at (800) 928-5272.

Liberating the Leader Within You

Shelby County and Woodford County school districts kicked off the 2021-22 school year with the KASA Leadership Challenge® by engaging their administrators in work encompassing a common definition of leadership, a tool (The Leadership Practices Inventory) to examine how they and others see them as a leader, and then action planning around those results and reflections. What we know about leadership is the necessity of others choosing to follow. Without that there is no one to lead. If you are interested in learning how to liberate the leader within you, sign up for the next Leadership Challenge® workshop on October 26-27 at the KASA office in Frankfort. Register here.

For additional questions regarding district or school implementation of The Leadership Challenge®, please contact Dr. Rhonda Caldwell or Tammy Newcome.

Helping Schools Be More Productive
The work done in schools today is increasingly collaborative, innovative and creative, and diversity can drive all of those things. However, simply having diversity does not guarantee performance. Research consistently shows that, without trust, diverse teams and organizations frequently underperform – unable to leverage the inherent and incredible value that comes from our differences. 

FranklinCovey Education and Stephen M. R. Covey go in-depth explaining why and how you should implement certain practices into your schools to make a positive impact on both the students and staff.

Continue reading to see how these six options can significantly leverage the diversity and inclusivity in your school or district!