Policy & Advocacy
KASA commits to a partnership with the General Assembly, and with all those who would continue to make the education of Kentucky's citizens their highest priority, in order to assure them a place in the world economy and the marketplace.

Legislative Priorities
KASA vows to partner with the General Assembly and all education advocates, ensuring a focus on Kentucky citizens' education for success in the global economy and the marketplace of ideas.
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2024 Education Bills
KASA staff actively track bills by engaging with legislators, attending and monitoring all relevant committee meetings on education, and extending their involvement to subcommittees.
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Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession 
Kentucky faces an urgent education crisis. KASA's Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession is a crucial step to prevent larger classes, reduced teacher quality, and an overall decline in education. Learn More

Resources & Talking Points
KASA will provide essential background information and discussion points, designed to empower you in grassroots advocacy with your legislators on pivotal education-related matters.
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Call to Action: Tell you Senator we need more money for teacher salaries
We expect the Senate to offer its version of the state budget, HB 6, in the coming days. NOW is the time to light up the LRC Toll Free Message Line at (800) 372-7181 to let your Senator know we need more money in the budget for districts to apply to salaries. Most senators we meet at the Capitol understand the need to pay teachers more. A message from a constituent goes a long way to encourage them to act on this pressing need.

Last Week in Frankfort
The sixty-day General Assembly entered its second half last Wednesday. Much like the super bowl last week, there was little scoring in the first half but the following 12 bills, whose impacts on public education range from good, bad, and ugly, are on the field and could cross the goal line in the closing weeks of the session.
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Drive-In Day
KASA's Legislative Drive-In Day is on February 27, during National Education Week. The primary goal of Legislative Drive-In Day is for legislators to hear directly from their local school leaders on important education issues. 
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Media/News Releases
News Releases, KASA Alerts and Capitol Connection.
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Principal for a Day
This unique program offers legislators a deeper understanding of daily school operations and the challenges faced by administrators, surpassing a standard school visit.
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Celebrating Successes
Throughout the years KASA has been working with legislators there have been times where recognition is a no-brainer. Let's celebrate all of our successes together.
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Meet Your KASA Advocacy Staff


 Rhonda Caldwell, CAE, Ph.D.,
Chief Executive Officer, KASA
  Bob Rowland,
Director of
Government Relations
   Abby Piper,
    Jared Smith,