Advocacy & Legislation

KASA's Top Priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session
Download KASA's 2022 Legislative Priorities document

KASA commits to a partnership with the General Assembly, and with all those who would continue to make the education of Kentucky’s citizens their highest priority, in order to assure them a place in the world economy and the marketplace of ideas. To that end, we propose the following as our Legislative Priorities for the 2022 session of the Kentucky General Assembly:

Adequate Funding
Research shows that money matters when it comes to educational outcomes. While KASA acknowledges that funding is not the only way lawmakers can support successful educational outcomes, adequate funding is a priority for the 3,200 members that KASA represents.

Growing and Sustaining the Profession
The number of postsecondary students entering the education profession has reduced dramatically, and the teacher wage gap in Kentucky is second only to Idaho and New Mexico. Further, the mobility of Kentucky’s population base impacts the ability to recruit and retain employees for public school districts. 

Early Childhood Education
Only 51 percent of Kentucky’s public and private school children arrive at the schoolhouse doors prepared to learn – unless they have had access to quality early learning centers. Nearly 70 percent of students attending early learning childhood centers arrive at school ready to absorb grade-level content. 

Advocacy for the Welfare of Leaders and Learners
KASA is committed to fostering civility and respect in the education community. Our 3,200+ members from border to border have said that promoting these is critical to ensuring lifelong learning communities that grow together. In addition, the following provisions are critical to ensuring the best services to students for the remainder of the school year.