The work of the Coalition has attracted not only educators, but we are seeing parents, business leaders, legislators, and others realize the critical importance of sustaining the education profession in Kentucky. This page provides links to news articles, editorials, press conferences and other media events highlighting the critical need to address the teacher shortage in Kentucky.
Keith Davis, Coordinator
David Meinschein, Co-Chair
Terrie Morgan, Co-Chair
Bob Rowland, Director of Government Affairs
Rhonda Caldwell, Executive Director

Coalition 2024 Recommendations Report
This report contains 17 recommendations submitted by the various task forces that comprise the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession. If implemented, all the individual recommendations will have a salutary effect on the recruitment and retention of high-quality classroom teachers in a variety of ways. Some, such as pay increases, will make the profession more attractive among the various career options available to talented individuals. In all, these recommendations address streamlining and simplifying the process of entry into the education profession which at present is overly complicated and confusing.

Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession Press Conference

2023 Legislative Brief
This brief was shared with legislators at the close of the 2023 session as thank you for the support of the Coalition's work and as reminder we have more work to do in 2024.

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Coalition Progress Report
This Progress Report and Preliminary Recommendations were presented to the Coalition’s Steering Committee on December 15, 2022. After gathering feedback on those recommendations, the Committee began charting a course toward helping solve one of the most challenging problems facing Kentucky that could have serious detrimental effects on our state’s social and economic health for decades to come.

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Letter to Legislators
This letter serves as a way to inform legislators of the priorities of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession.

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Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession Commercial