No one can be more influential in convincing legislators that the recommendations of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession are necessary to attract and retain quality educators than local school leaders, parents and local business leaders. They depend on an educated populus for not only quality workers - but consumers who are able to purchase their goods and services. The information in the Coalition toolkit is designed to enable school leaders to illustrate the impact local schools have on the local economy, and to work with concerned parents and interested business leaders to support making Kentucky teacher pay competitive with teacher salaries in surrounding states and private industry. 

A guiding question throughout the work of the Coalition has been, "who will educate our students when all the teachers are gone?" Information in the toolkit helps make clear why the teachers are not coming and what we must do to correct the problem.

KASA has created a toolkit filled with talking points and other resources to assist you in relaying and selling recommendations of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession to parents, local business leaders, and most importantly your local legislators.

Check back, as we will continue building out this toolkit for you.


Keith Davis, Coordinator
David Meinschein, Co-Chair
Terrie Morgan, Co-Chair
Bob Rowland, Director of
Government Affairs
Rhonda Caldwell, Executive Director

Coalition 2024 Recommendations Report
This report contains 17 recommendations submitted by the various task forces that comprise the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession. If implemented, all the individual recommendations will have a salutary effect on the recruitment and retention of high-quality classroom teachers in a variety of ways. Some, such as pay increases, will make the profession more attractive among the various career options available to talented individuals. In all, these recommendations address streamlining and simplifying the process of entry into the education profession which at present is overly complicated and confusing.
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 Crisis in the Bluegrass


Teacher Pay and Education in KY Talking Points
At a time when many students graduating from college and technical schools can earn starting salaries in excess of $40,000 and can anticipate significant income growth, Kentucky is simply not attracting quality candidates in the education field with a starting salary of $38,010 and the average teacher salary of $55,016. The 'Teacher Pay and Education Funding in Kentucky' talking points show how Kentucky is getting further behind in dealing with this critical aspect of workforce development.
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Average Starting Teacher Salary by State

School District Profiles by KY House Districts
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School District Profiles by KY Senate Districts
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Teacher Job Satisfaction Survey
In conjunction with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research at Eastern Kentucky University, the Working Conditions Task Force developed the attached survey to measure teacher attitudes and concerns about working conditions in Kentucky public schools. Of the over 8,000 teachers who responded to the survey, salary/compensation was the most important driving dissatisfaction with careers in public education, student discipline ran a close second.
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Teacher's Diverse Responsibilities Beyond Teaching
Teachers do a lot beyond teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Here is a list that includes responsibilities teachers have that they may not be paid to do.
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Kentucky Starting Salaries

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