Priority Requests of the General Assembly

  1. Direct the Office of Education Accountability to conduct or commission to comprehensive mixed methods study on the state of public education on Kentucky, including perceptions of attitudes toward the teaching profession and a comprehensive wage and benefit analysis.
  2. Approve a resolution asking appropriate agencies to study, revise and create an easily comprehensible and navigable system of alternative teacher certification.
  3. Direct the Kentucky Department of Education to create a teacher recruitment web portal containing all resources from consideration of a teaching career to a statewide application system.
  4. Approve a resolution that encourages the Education Professional Standards Board to address multiple certification issues including teacher testing, admission to teacher education programs, state-to-state reciprocity, and varying grade levels of certification.
  5. Approve legislation clarifying acceptable personal and professional educator behaviors and provide clear and appropriate penalties for violations.
  6. Direct and provide funding for a marketing campaign to highlight the importance of education and the education profession to the citizens of Kentucky.
  7. Direct and provide funding for the development of a model teacher recruitment and induction program and mandate the establishment of a Tenure Review Committee for teachers inducted into the education profession under that program.
  8. Direct and provide funding to expand the GoTeachKY and GoTeachKY Ambassador program in every Kentucky school district.
  9. Create and provide funding for the creation of an annual renewable undergraduate teacher education scholarships for each Kentucky school district and for the creation of a $500 stipend for teacher education students who are engaged in student teaching.
Coalition Progress Report
This Progress Report and Preliminary Recommendations were presented to the Coalition’s Steering Committee on December 15, 2022.
After gathering feedback on those recommendations, the Committee began charting a course toward helping solve one of the most challenging problems facing Kentucky that could have serious detrimental effects on our state’s social and economic health for decades to come.

Letter to Legislators

This letter serves as a way to inform legislators of the priorities of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession

News Release
Governor Andy Beshear, House Education Chair Tipton, Education Leaders to Unveil Coalition for Sustaining the Education Profession Report

KASA Launches Statewide Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession

Keith Davis, Coordinator

David Meinschein, Co-Chair

Terrie Morgan, Co-Chair

Bob Rowland, Director of
Government Affairs

Rhonda Caldwell, Executive Director