Education Bills

Below is a current list of bills impacting education before the Kentucky Senate and the House of Representatives. KASA tracks these bills (and more) each day, adding newly introduced legislation and updating the status of all bills as needed.

KASA staff members monitor these bills by talking with legislators and attending/monitoring all committee meetings pertaining to education issues, as well as subcommittee meetings outside education, such as taxation and healthcare coverage.

Note: 2024 bill list will be uploaded in January.

KASA'S Guidelines for Taking Positions on Legislation or Policy Statements
KASA will consider taking a position on legislation or making a policy statement on issues that are relevant to its vision and mission. In making that determination, the following questions will be considered:

  1. Will the legislation support KASA's vision and mission?
  2. Will it improve the quality and success of our school systems and their students or promote the development of a skilled, educated and healthy workforce?
  3. Have the expected fiscal impact of the legislation and current economic environment been appropriately considered?
  4. Will it divert public dollars to be used for private purposes?
  5. Is it supported in research to be effective for schools and children?
  6. Will it create less paperwork and/or requirements for schools?
  7. Will the support of KASA likely make a difference to the outcome?
  8. Does the issue impact a large number of our members, their schools and Kentucky's children?
  9. Will taking a position create a significant conflict among members or other common education organizations?
  10. Will the legislation disproportionately impact learners and leaders of color?