Top Priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session
KASA commits to a partnership with the General Assembly, and with all those who would continue to make the education of Kentucky's citizens their highest priority, in order to assure them a place in the world economy and the marketplace of ideas. To that end, we propose the following as our Legislative Priorities for the 2024 session of the Kentucky General Assembly:
A Historic Solution for All Kentuckians
In every corner of the Commonwealth there are incredible Kentuckians who care for students in public schools every day. These schools are full of teachers who routinely go far and above classroom instruction in their mission of caring for students from pre-school to graduation. Unfortunately, a crisis now looms over them long before they arrive in the school parking lot every morning. 

Low pay, compounded by ever-increasing cost-of-living are problems which exist outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom everything from a shortage of colleagues to funding their own classroom materials has created a situation in which many quit the profession early and students graduating from high school do not consider entering the field of education.

However, a solution emerged from our survey data in which we bring as our primary request to the legislature: we ask that all starting teachers across the state have a minimum starting salary of $45,000 and that all other teachers have a 10% increase to their pay over the next biennium. Having a qualified teacher in every classroom solves many of the problems that exist in schools today. At the end of the day, an investment in Kentucky's schools is a direct investment in Kentucky's future economic growth.

KASA members have identified an additional secondary top ten priorities for the education budget, in priority order. 

  • Continue state funding to support full-day Kindergarten in every school district
  • Fund the SEEK formula based upon average daily membership without reducing the current per pupil base of $4,200.
  • Fully fund pupil transportation 
  • Provide funding for more mental health professionals, SROs, and other school safety measures 
  • Increase the SEEK formula adjustment (add-on) for students in poverty 
  • Provide funding to reduce class size
  • Increase funding for preschool programs 
  • Provide SEEK funding for nursing, medical, and mental health services 
  • Increase and create scholarships, loan forgiveness, stipends or bonuses, and other incentives to encourage more students to enter the teacher pipeline and into high-need areas 
  • Create a fund for a statewide marketing effort, to be funded with public and private dollars, to show the benefits of a career in education (time off in summer, being with kids, making a difference)
* Honorable mention: Increase the Facilities Support Program of Kentucky (FSPK) from the current five cents to a mandatory 10 cents and equalize with state dollars. 

A note about salaries:
KASA recognizes there are limits to the ability to ensure teacher raises statewide via the SEEK formula. KASA is advocating for increases in compensation as a key component of the goal of recruiting and retaining teachers - but it is the General Assembly's responsibility to determine how to make sufficient funding available to ensure that all Kentucky educators are paid competitive salaries. Also, we are urging the legislature to consider other key components of compensation including tuition, scholarships, and student teaching stipends.
Tax Reform to Increase the General Fund
Adoption of a comprehensive system of state tax reform designed to produce more revenue for schools. Legislation that would put expanded gambling on the ballot as a constitutional amendment.

Support for Students
Legislation to adjust KEES awards to students to keep pace with inflation. 
Legislation that would require at least some form of daily activity for all students. 
Legislation that would allow a broader array of programmatic options (alternative programs, earlier access to technical programs, planned 5-year programs, etc.) to high school students to ensure that the needs of all learners are met. 
Legislation amending the FAIR Team process currently used to deal with status offenders that would give school officials an expanded role. 
Increased regulation of and restrictions around home schooling for Kentucky children.

Support for Educators
Legislation that would save district travel expenses and travel time for school leaders by expanding the activities which qualify for EILA credit. 
Legislation that would give districts greater flexibility in assigning certified staff in critical shortage areas and other hard-to-fill positions. 
Creation of a state model program for shifting some of the duties away from principals to help with burnout and allow for greater focus on instructional leadership. 
Legislation that would simplify and expand options available to school districts for employment of KTRS retirees. 
State established Grow Your Own teacher model program, with some KDE dollars available to help start these programs in local districts.

Board of Education
Legislation to increase requirements for eligibility to run for local school boards.
Legislation to set forth a code of ethics for school board members, with consequences for violation.

KASA is committed to and supports fostering environments of civility and respect with lawmakers around public education. Acknowledging the great personal and professional sacrifices that elected leaders make to serve, KASA appreciates their service, and advocates within the education community and with lawmakers to continue to work toward common ground in respectful, productive environments. We support legislation urging local communities to operate with civility and respect when interacting with school officials, elected officials, and other parents. 

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