Legal Services

1. Legal Counsel

  • KASA legal counsel is available 24/7 for consultation, advice, opinions, or information.
  • There are no limits on the frequency of requests for assistance nor the amount of time available per request.
  • Assistance includes, but is not limited to , interpreting statues, determining alternatives, developing strategies, research and identification of cases and Attorney General opinions relevant to a particular incident.
  • Assistance may also include, in appropriate instances, direct consultation and assistance provided to a member’s retained counsel during pending litigation, upon request of the member and his/her attorney. This would include attending hearings, filing briefs, etc.
  • In limited instances, with prior approval of the KASA executive committee, the KASA general counsel may provide direct representation to members in litigation of substantial importance to the KASA membership as a whole.
  • The KASA general counsel assists the membership as a whole by periodically providing updates, such as changes in the law, new cases, and Attorney General opinions relating to school law.
  • The KASA general counsel will occasionally meet with members on the regional level to discuss legal topics of general interest and to address specific topics or questions.

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2. Legal Assistance Funds

  • Funds are made available to members to assist with employment related problems, including due-process, active breach of employment contract, assignments, demotions, salary, suspension and dismissal. This component will pay for direct legal consultation with includes filing of motions, representation at hearings, etc.
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3. Professional Liability Insurance

  • Why school leaders need it… All school districts in Kentucky provide general liability coverage to their employees to protect the in the performance of their duties. This coverage usually provides at least $1 million in liability protection, along with legal representation in the event of a lawsuit. KASA premier members or other KASA members who purchase professional liability insurance (PLI) receive an additional $1 million in “excess” coverage (accessed if and when the primary, district-provided coverage is exhausted).
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