Building the leadership capacity of KY education leaders to be better equipped to adapt and thrive to the ever-changing demands they face each year is a responsibility KASA does not take lightly.

We know school leaders need experiences that are proven and grounded in research, and after extensive examination and assessment of varying leadership development frameworks, KASA has adopted the foundational leadership model of Wiley’s, The Leadership Challenge® (TLC), based upon the work of authors and researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. This work brings us a common definition of leadership establishing a starting point to our discussions, Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, very rich in specific actions we can take as leaders to become better, and a leadership practices inventory (LPI) that is adaptable to the needs of each leader as a reference in striving for best performances each day. Our followers expect and need us to bring our very best each day so that they can continue to prosper, grow, and turn challenging opportunities into extraordinary successes.

Interested in taking the challenge and becoming a leader others seek out and want to follow? Examine KASA's learning pathways below:



The Leadership Challenge® State Impact Map

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Gold - District-wide participation
Light Blue - Participation in two-day workshop

TLC Steering Committee and Certified Facilitators
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Gearup Kentucky leader participation


The Leadership Challenge Story

In 2014, KASA Executive Director Dr. Rhonda Caldwell, began to seek leadership training models and opportunities for KASA members which would meet the unique professional learning needs to increase leadership skills for school and district leaders. Dr. Caldwell found that The Leadership Challenge did that and brought the training to Kentucky and KASA members...

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What Leaders Are Saying

This workshop provided specific strategies for me to use to improve as a leader! AND it was based on real feedback from my colleagues!
- Beth Lee, Fayette Co. Schools

This training has provided the foundation & framework for me to have meaningful reflection on my professional practice and identify steps to implement positive change.
-Carrie Wade, Williamstown Ind. Schools

One of the best learning experiences that I have been involved with in my career. A REAL authentic process & journey to not only learn leadership practices but also reflect and apply to your individualized growth.
- Dustin Howard, Clark Co. Schools

A maximum growth opportunity! A most incredible experience that will change my perspective on leadership going forward.
- Lori Bouldin, Logan Co. Schools

TLC Steering Committee

 Keisha Bailey, Berea College     Terry Hosler, Berea College    Robbie Osborne, Bera College
 Tonya Bailey, Berea College    Nathan Howton, Hopkins Co.    Matt Perkins, Muhlenberg Co.
 Lindsey Baldwin, Berea College    James Keene, Clark Co.    Christopher Pierce, Johnson Co.
Houston Barber, Ph.D., Fayette Co.    Jayme Knochel, Breckinridge Co.    Steven Rucker, Spencer Co.
 Josh Belcher, Butler Co.    Jan Maggard, Berea College    Heather Samons, Berea College
 Josh Blevins, Casey Co.    BJ Martin, Fayette Co.    Missy Spangler, Berea College
 Sara Brady, Marion Co.     Joshua Matthews, Ed.D., Logan Co.    Melissa Turner, Floyd Co.
 Thom Cochran, Johnson Co.    Soraya Matthews, Ed.D., Fayette Co.    Sondra Watson, Berea College
 Dianne Collins, Berea College    Andrea McKeehan, Berea College    Amanda Williams, Berea College
 Rachel Crider, Floyd Co.    Latonya Meekins, Fayette Co.    Cassie Zenner, GRREC
 Dara Evans, Berea College     Matthew Mercer, Spencer Co.    Edna Burkhart
 Eric Hale, Fayette Co.    Paul Mullins, Elizabethtown Ind.    Kate McAnelly
 Diane Hatchett, Ph.D., Berea Ind.    Contessa Orr, Muhlenberg Co.    

Meet your TLC Team


Rhonda Caldwell, CAE, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Certified Master Facilitator,
The Leadership Challenge

Bobby Bennett. Ed.D.

Trained Facilitator & Coach,
The Leadership Challenge

Lisa Ducker

Technology Specialist &
Online Community Manager,
Leadership Practices Inventory Management,
The Leadership Challenge