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Welcome to the KWEL Professional Network! 

KWEL is now a year-long professional network that provides support to cohort members throughout the year.  It's mission is to create and maintain a community of professional female educational leaders by promoting knowledge, competence, exemplary quality, equity and self-confidence through personal leadership growth, mentorship, and support in career advancement.

To ensure we are achieving this mission, KASA conducted a survey to understand the impact of KWEL and the needs of its cohort members. While overwhelmingly positive, the survey data identified specific needs. With this in mind, the network has expanded to include numerous leadership development opportunities, customized services, and supports to all cohort members.

Bundling the services as a yearlong network enables KASA to decrease costs to members with only one registration fee as opposed to multiple fees for individual services. 

The KWEL Professional Network includes the following services:

1. Women’s Forum January 27-28, 2022 (up to 12 hours EILA credit) 
2. Forum kickoff lunch-n-learn networking in like role groups January 27, 2022
3. Networking Social January 26, 2022, for those arriving at the forum site the
        evening before the forum January 27-28, 2022
4. 1:1 mentor support system February through December
5. Virtual webinars in January, March, May, September, November (1 EILA credit hour each)
6. Executive leader virtual roundtables for superintendents (for superintendents only)
7. Contract negotiation strategies
8. Situational coaching support 
9. Resumé review service 
10. Interview preparation and coaching 
11. Exclusive online community for networking 
12. Reception at KASA’s Annual Leadership Institute July 28, 2022




Your registration for the KWEL Professional Network automatically registers you for the Women's Forum in January and all network services throughout the year. Also, if you are a new KWEL inductee, you will be automatically registered for the orientation session to be held prior to the forum on January 26 (you will receive a separate invoice for the orientation session). 

If you have any questions, please call Mary Brown at (800) 928-5272.