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KWEL Application

Growing Kentucky’s school leaders is the mission of KASA. The KWEL network is designed to support women serving in high level leadership roles in school districts. The purpose of the network is really three-fold. First, it will give women who are currently serving as the superintendent the opportunity to network and support each other. Second, it will support women who aspire to lead but may need the tools and support to take the next step. Finally, this network will give all women serving in leadership roles the opportunity to grow as leaders through an additional support system unique to the needs of women and the challenges they face.  

To participate in the KWEL program, you must meet the following criteria:

• You are a KASA member in good standing - Not a member? Join Today!
• Your superintendent is aware of your intent to participate in the program (his/her signature is required to complete application)
• You must attend the women's forum - January 23-25, 2024

How to submit your application:

Step 1: Register Applicant 

(Note: There is an initial nonrefundable application processing fee, and if selected there will be an additional registration fee for the professional network (which includes the January forum) and the incoming cohort will have an $119 orientation fee.)

Click here to register

Step 2: Complete Application (provided 24 hours after registration is complete)

Step 3: Submit Application

Save your completed application and all supporting documents as one pdf file and email to

Completed application and all supporting documents must be received on or before October 1, 2023.