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The KWEL CEO network is the official support and encouragement vehicle for Kentucky’s female superintendents and co-op directors. While it is a part of the larger KWEL Professional Network, the KWEL CEO network provides year-round opportunities exclusive to our women CEOs, including many activities and professional support services. The networking activities are those requested by you and are designed to coincide with other events normally attended such as KASA, KASS and KSBA conferences. The professional support services are available when and as you need them.

More information will be provided during the upcoming KWEL forum set for January 26-27. You can find the schedule below. It provides opportunity for exclusive CEO networking, learning, and focus time for your team members and colleagues who are part of the larger KWEL Professional Network.

Save the Date: January 26-27, 2023
January 26-27 • Galt House Hotel, Louisville

Applications for the 2023 Cohort will open July 1, 2022

Note: Registration for the KWEL Forum is included in the KWEL CEO Network.

Logistics for the
KWEL Forum

January 26-27

Galt House Hotel
140 N. Fourth St., Louisville

Note: Registration for the KWEL Forum is included in the KWEL Professional Network.

Up to 12 hours EILA credit available.

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