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“What students need today is a new kind of leader. Their very style breathes life on others by the way they perceive the reality
in front of them; how they encourage and inspire others; how they furnish energy to conversations and projects; by how they spot
solutions (not just problems), and how they motivate others through gratitude and encouragement."
   ~ Dr. Tim Elmore


Program Cost

$3,999 - $250 deposit due with application (due no later than August 13, 2021)

Payment Options

 Remaining balance after deposit ($3749) may be paid by:

  • Payment in full by individual
  • Payment in full by sponsor
  • Payment in full by school district PO

Payment Plans Available! 

  • Payment in two (2) school district POs, after July 1, 2021 - $2475, then after July 1, 2022 - $1274
  • District payroll deduction if approved by school district
  • Payment in fifteen (15) equal payments of $250 per month, billed directly to individual or district debit or credit card, starting with August 2021. Last payment November 2022.


Application for program will open on May 10, 2021 and can be accessed here.

For more information, contact Kathy Fields.