School executive leaders are uniquely positioned to transform their schools and communities they serve. To accomplish this, incoming executives must enter the role at full speed, ready to address the never-ending menu of priorities assigned to the position. KASA is pleased to offer its members a highly exclusive experience designed to build confidence and capacity to thrive as leader of the school they serve.

This will not be your typical leadership development program. KASA believes its members already possess many of the technical and interpersonal skills that have helped them to achieve their current role. Instead, this program will focus on cultivating an expansive, agile leadership mindset with the capacity to embrace innovation, build coalitions, and achieve sustainable change. This is transformative leadership.
Aspiring Superintendents Program
The KELA Aspiring Superintendents Program is a comprehensive executive readiness series providing a collaborative environment where you can tap into the collective brilliance of your peers, guided by former and current Kentucky and national school leadership experts exploring and working on the real challenges you will face as the superintendent. Completion of the program results in credentialing.

This program consists of six (6) sessions:
Four (4) full day in-person
Two (2) hybrid check-in sessions

Two (2) KASA events (Personnel Essentials in February and the Education Law & Finance Institute in March)

Aspiring Principals Program
The KELA Aspiring Principals Program is a research-based program designed to prepare new and aspiring building leaders for the principalship. Participants will develop skills and deepen their understanding through a collaborative environment discussing communication, cultural responsiveness, instructional leadership, and more. Completion of the program will result in credentialling.

This program consists of eight (8) sessions:
One (1) Kick-off event on July 15 at the Annual Leadership Institute

Seven (7) full day in-person
Program costs include: Three (3) premier KASA events (the Annual Leadership Institute in July, Principal Summit in October, and the Education Law & Finance Institute in March)

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Assistant Principal Support Program
The KELA Assistant Principal Support Program is a four (4) day, research-based leadership development initiative designed to provide training and support for the currently serving assistant principal. Participants will build a support network with cohort peers and exemplary Kentucky school leaders to deepen understanding in skills necessary to perform as effective assistant principals.

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