We Can Do Better • May 15, 2023, 1:30-2:30 EST

Dr. Miller has identified several factors that currently hold children back from succeeding. He will provide strategies as to how We Can Do Better as individuals, families, communities, and as educators. If you have apathy from students and staff, low graduation rates, and/or poor district and teacher performance, Dr. Miller’s message will resonate with you. 

He has been in education for over 22 years and has developed systems that work to make sure young Black and Hispanic children have the ability to achieve and reach college. During his sessions he addresses mindset, best practices, improved systems, and DEI among other topics that affect black and brown students.

Paul Miller, Ed.D., Urbane Education Alterations
Dr. Miller holds an Ed.D. in Executive Leadership and a Master of Education Administration booth from St. John Fisher College. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Teacher Certification from SUNY Brockport. Dr. Miller has 20+ years in the Urban Public Education System, specializing in school redesign and reform, creating effective change for schools through collaborative missions, visions, and teamwork. Currently, Dr. Miller is the CEO of Urbane Education Alterations and is working to help schools in America improve their graduation rates.


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