Student Performances

Wednesday, July 24

Opening General Session - Breckinridge County JROTC

The Breckinridge County High School (BCHS) program was established under the authority of Public Law 88-64, in the ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964, and Army Regulation 145-2. General Officer Order #W0CM8B, issued by Headquarters Department of the Army in 2021, brought the program into service.

The mission of the BCHS JROTC program is to motivate young people to be better citizens and be part of a modern educational program, which trains leaders for tomorrow. The Army Junior ROTC program provides a unique educational experience for citizens through their participation in a federally sponsored course of leadership instruction while pursuing their normal civilian education. Students acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of military art and science, and an introduction to associated professional knowledge, and an appreciation of current National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy. The dual roles of citizen/Soldier and Soldier/citizen are studied. JROTC assists in the total development of high school students so that they can take their places as responsible and productive citizens.

Opening General Session - Breckinridge County Chamber Singers
Meet the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers: a group of talented voices coming together to create magic! They blend their voices in perfect harmony, delivering performances that are both heartfelt and unforgettable. Get ready to be swept away by their passion for music and their infectious energy. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to choral music, the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers promise an experience that will leave you smiling and humming along.

Students performing include:

  • Crystal Barnett
  • Kaylee Crain
  • Wade Dowell
  • Kaleb Dubree
  • Lucia Flood
  • Aria Gordon
  • Evelyn Jarillo-Beltran
  • Carson McCoy
  • Will Mitchem
  • Amelia Reed
  • Vayda Riggs
  • Kathryn Roberts
  • Lilly Sturgeon
  • Zach Thompson
  • Allie Tucker