Moments of Inspiration

Wednesday, July 26

8 Lessons for Life & Leadership
KASA's President Contessa Orr will share eight Lessons for Life & Leadership that reflect on her education career, her role as a mom, a daughter, a wife, and a sister. From treasures to crazy songs to slowing down and celebrating, you'll enjoy her personal insight as she shares her proven strategies for making time for personal health, family and career as a school administrator.

Thursday, July 27

Charity - Kentucky Hospice
This year's adopted charity is one that has touched most everyone in some manner. Kentucky Hospice has provided support to families across the state who are caring for terminally ill loved ones. A non-profit state organization representing the hospices and palliative care organizations throughout the commonwealth, Kentucky Hospice covers all 120 counties and is comprised of free-standing programs and programs that are in conjunction with home health programs.

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Friday, July 28

Fred Award Program
This moving presentation hits home for many educators as they watch unsung heroes from their own districts be celebrated for exceptional devotion to kids. Learn how bus drivers, custodians, volunteers, and others can contribute daily to positive and healthy places for kids to learn and grow. The presentation of the Fred Award finalists continues to be a favorite for attendees. 

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