Concurrent Education Session

These sessions will equip and inspire participants to use tools that can be implemented immediately within the school or district level, inspire positive change to the profession, foster new collaborations and networks among education leaders, influence how the world sees the field, and more! *More information coming soon

Early Bird (7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.)

Event Security: Planning to Execution
This program will outline the basic process of pre-event planning as well as how to implement a more effective event safety/security program.
Presented by: James Stephens, Safe-T-Sources
Nunn Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

KY School Law Update
 Join KASA's general counsel for an important session on state and federal law changes and other issues that impact Kentucky schools and the administrators who lead them.
Presented by: Wayne Young, J.D., KY Association of School Administrators
Cochran Ballroom, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Start This Day With Yoga
Come stretch your body before you stretch your mind!
Presented by: Shonna Storz
Willis Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Effectively Utilizing MTSS to Curb Negative Behaviors & Improve Attendance
We all know the benefits of multi-tiered systems for improving student achievement, but does it feel overwhelming to manage an MTSS behavior system? This session, led by a school counselor in Anderson County, will highlight practical & user-friendly strategies for improving behaviors and attendance rates used in two schools. Participants will learn about their ground-up approach to MTSS & how this changed the school climate in both behavior and attendance.
Presented by: Amy Riley, Anderson Co. Schools
Stanley Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Disrupt the Status Quo in Reading - Clear Creek Elementary Accelerates Students with a New Innovation
In this session you will learn how the leadership team at Clear Creek Elementary has built a literacy plan focused on all students reading at grade level. You will be able to use an innovation, Readable English, that builds a pronunciation guide into every word on any text allowing students to make rapid gains in reading. Discover this team’s systemic approach that merges tools, systems, and instructional practices to accelerate reading.
Presented by: Amy Wells, Shelby Co. Schools
Wilson Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Advocacy Deep Dive: What You Need to Know for 2025
What happens during the summer and fall months with Kentucky legislators? What do you need to know about the upcoming 2025 session? When and how can you access KASA tools and policy content to help you engage with your local legislators? All of these questions and more will be answered in this jam-packed session aimed at empowering KASA to go toe to toe with legislators on policy.
Presented by: Bob Rowland, KY Assn. of School Administrators and Abby Piper, Piper|Smith
Stopher Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Leading with Empathy - Implementing Trauma-Informed Care Practices in Educational Leadership
Through presentation, interactive strategies and discussion, leaders learn to integrate trauma-informed care practices into their leadership style, fostering a positive and thriving educational community. Trauma-informed care in education recognizes the impact of trauma on students' lives. We explore trauma, its effects on learning and the importance of adopting a trauma-informed approach to create an inclusive and nurturing educational environment using data, discussion, and real-life scenarios.
Presented by: Candi Murphy and LeAnne Bell, Metcalfe Co. Schools

Coe Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Avoid the T-Rex Trap - Culturally Relevant Branding for K-12 Schools
Your mother would tell you to attend this session. It's going to be filled with laughter, walkaways, and actionable steps that anyone can employ as they work in a world where only the adaptable survive – how can your district stand the test of time and avoid the fate of the dinosaurs? This session is tailored for visionary school district leaders who are determined to steer their institutions toward sustained relevance and success in a competitive K-12 space. With a blend of innovative branding strategies, engaging case studies, and interactive discussions, you’ll learn how to ensure your schools not only survive but thrive by staying culturally relevant. Don't be a dinosaur! Discover the strategies and tactics to evolve your K-12 brand, engage with your community more effectively, and stand out in a crowded educational ecosystem.
Presented by: Don Killingbeck, and Molly McGowan Gorsuch, Rhodes Branding
Breathitt Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Transformation Systems Approach to Effective Inclusion and Co-Teaching
To build sustainable systems to improve the supportive context for educators involved in co-teaching, we will share ideas how we’re building capacity in the district, building, and classroom levels through our Inclusion & Co-teaching Transformation Cycle.
Presented by: Grace Absher, and Jessica Turner, Green River Region Educational Cooperative
Morrow Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Back to Behavior Basics Using Systemic Change!
Behavior is one of the top three reasons educators are leaving the profession. In this session, leaders will learn how to proactively implement behavior strategies and interventions within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports. A behavior toolbox will be modeled that includes SEL, trauma-informed, functions of behavior, and research-based strategies and interventions that schools and districts can implement immediately within their settings. Attendees will interactively use the behavior toolbox to develop problem-solving strategies and interventions based on student-need.
Presented by: Heather Bushelman, Boone Co. Schools
Beckham Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Teacher Retention and Professional Development - Nurturing Collaborative Relationships through Structured Dialogue
Teacher retention is a constant issue in education. Results from traditional, one-size-fits-all induction approaches are uneven at best and often do not support the professional development needs of new teachers. This session articulates a research-based approach to new teacher professional development that utilizes teacher narratives and structured dialogue to notice, unpack and respond to specific circumstances experienced by the teachers. The presenters will model a typical professional development session and provide time for questions and discussion.
Presented by: Timothy Jansky, Ph.D., Eastern Kentucky University
Wilkinson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Why Districts Are Embracing the Science of Reading
In this session, we will delve into the following objectives:  Understanding the shift: explore why an increasing number of districts are embracing the Science of Reading and how it is impacting learner outcomes,  Aligning Classroom Practices: Learn how to align classroom practices with evidenc-based strategies from the Science of Reading to enhance literacy instruction and improve student outcomes.  Leveraging Educational Technology: Discover innovative ways to leverage educational technology to effectively address the diverse needs of learners and support he implementation of the Science of Reading principles.
Presented by: Sarah DeCotis, Age of Learning
Laffoon Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Unlocking Success - Addressing Chronic Absenteeism and Mental Health in Kentucky Schools
A concerning trend with chronic absenteeism standing at 29.8%, highlights the urgency to address underlying causes as revealed by the Kentucky School Report Card data. What’s behind the rise in chronic absenteeism? Identified factors such as student mental health, Family/caregiver mental health, disengagement and sense of belonging underscore the need for proactive strategies. Recommendations include data-driven interventions, enhanced communication with families, and collaboration with community partners to identify root causes and provide comprehensive support systems. The Kentucky Commissioner’s Student Advisory Council emphasizes the detrimental impact of mental health challenges on student attendance and learning outcomes. Cook Center for Human Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to mental health and wellness, emphasizes the pivotal role of informed parents and caregivers in addressing chronic absenteeism and mental health concerns. By fostering protective factors and equipping parents with resources, we can create a supportive environment conducive to student success and well-being.
Presented by: Sarah Walsh, Cook Center for Human Connection
Sampson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Practice Makes Proficient
In this breakout session, participants will learn about the most important aspect of decoding instruction: practice. Dr. Julia B Lindsey will present 3 routines to increase practice in decoding instruction to ensure that your instruction impacts readers. Participants will walk away with example materials and supports to take their learning back to the classroom.
Presented by: Julia Lindsey, Ph.D., Scholastic
Brown Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Impacting the Narrative about Your School
Every interaction matters because every interaction could be the one they talk about for the rest of their lives. Perception is often based on the narrative of those who attended schools years ago. If we are INTENTIONAL about walking into every conversation knowing it could be the one they talk about for years to come, we OPEN DOORS for that outside to see us for who we are and BUILD MOMENTUM by creating a culture where every story matters, we have a tremendous opportunity to impact the narrative of our organization.
Presented by: Joe Sanfelippo
Combs Chandler Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Student Leadership Challenge®, Helping Build Student Leaders at the School Level
Student leadership plays a vital role in shaping the future of our school communities. The Leadership Challenge® 5 core principles (Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act, and Encourage the heart) can have a positive impact in our schools when a student is given proper tools to ensure their voice is heard. We can empower students to become effective leaders and change-makers in each of our school communities. (TLC)
Presented by: Powell Miller, Shelby Co. Schools
McCreary Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Here to Stay - Tactics and Strategies to Recruit and Retain High Quality Staff
As Kentucky faces staffing shortages, learn how Graves Co. Schools intentionally implements strategies to ensure employees (certified and classified) feel valued and appreciate, connected to purpose and our mission, and how embedded ongoing conversations create a safe space for their voice to be heard and make an impact. Learn exercises, tactics and more that will build a staff that not only believes their work is positively impacting those they serve, but also genuinely takes pride in telling others where they are employed.
Presented by: Robert Braden, Graves Co. Schools
Taylor Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Update on Assessment
Come hear the latest information on the Kentucky assessment system. Members of the Kentucky Department of Education will be available to answer all questions related to assessment.
Presented by: Rhonda Sims, KY Dept. of Education
Jones Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

The Power of Personalized Coaching - How to be an Administrator and a Coach
Over the last few years, the avenues by which teachers have completed certification have become more and more diverse. We have experienced teachers working alongside teachers who worked in other fields prior to becoming an educator. Due to an increased number of non-traditional (option 6) certified teachers, it is imperative that we shift away from solely using traditional coaching methods and meet teachers where they are. This session will focus on the effective implementation of tiered coaching, to effectively meet all teachers' needs.
Presented by: Paula Johnson, and Jackie Thompson, Kentucky Dept. of Education
French Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Using AI in the K-12 Setting
This session will provide a brief overview of Generative AI and how this technology can and should change our classroom instruction. This session will provide greater knowledge on how AI can be used for everyday tasks to help reduce workload demands as educators. Additionally, we will discuss how AI can help us as educators rethink the types of activities and tasks, we ask our students to complete to prepare them for a successful future outside of our buildings in an ever-changing world.
Presented by: Maria Bennett, Scott Co. Schools
Segell Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

How to Successfully Implement Change
Change is difficult for the human brain. Research has determined that 70 percent of all system changes attempted fail. Neuroscience research has identified clear steps that should be taken when implementing change to overcome the obstacles the subconscious brain often produces in the face of change. Every administrator should know how the brain reacts to change and the steps that can be taken to proactively address predictable issues and implement a more brain-compatible approach.
Presented by: Horacio Sanchez, Resiliency Inc.
Cochran Ballroom, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Reshape Your School's Family-School-Community Success Narrative
Embark on a journey of dynamic engagement at our conference session! Dive into thought-provoking questions in small-group dialogue experiences tailored to reshape your approach to engaging families, students and your community. You will leave thinking, “why didn’t I think of that” or “that makes so much sense and I can put that into practice now!” Join us for an experience that transcends the conventional and transforms your family-school-community leadership perspective!
Presented by: Julia Pile, KY Board of Education

Dogwood Room, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Practical Strategies to Improve Outcomes Despite the Fiscal Cliff
Come learn about strategies to expand the reach and impact of the remaining interventionists despite a reduction in staff and funding. This interaction session will share how to continue the efforts and expectations for improvement even as budgets get tight.
Presented by: Nate Levenson, New Solutions K12
Carroll Ford Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Affinity Group for LGBTQ+ Leaders and Other Underrepresented School Administrators
Join KASA’s DEIB Task Force to learn more about an affinity group for leaders of color. Facilitators Dr. Tamala Howard (Union Co.), Dr. Jaziel Guerra (Mercer Co.) will lead discussion to learn more about support needed and if there is interest in forming an affinity group. Come join us as we foster equity and inclusion for all school leaders. 
Presented by: Tamala Howard, Ed.D., Union Co. Schools, and Jaziel Guerra, Ed.D., Mercer Co. Schools
Holly Room, 3rd Floor, West Tower

High in Plain Sight
This session will provide school leaders with the ability, knowledge and confidence to help prevent and identify individuals who are abusing drugs and alcohol. There are several identifiers, logos and terms that are commonly related to drug (illegal and over the counter) and alcohol abuse, marijuana abuse, and drug concealment on school, home, and work property. These items, along with much more, will be discussed. Also, over 85 visual aids will be referenced during the training.
Presented by: Officer Jermaine Galloway, Tall Cop
Nunn Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Nurturing Futures: Paxton Patterson Middle-9th Grade Hands-On College and Career Labs
Imagine a world where every 6-9th grader has the tools and guidance to confidently select their high school pathway and navigate their educational journey towards a successful future. This vision is not just aspirational—it’s achievable through innovative and customizable Paxton Patterson l College and Career Labs. Join Christy Coulter-Rogers, former Kentucky educator to learn more about this transformative initiative. Hear how Bullitt County has launched a district wide implementation or the innovative design of Spencer County Middle School. College and Career Labs, provide hands on, authentic, high-quality experiences designed to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset and create a K-12 pipeline to future ready students.
Presented by: Christy Coulter-Rogers, Paxton Patterson
Collins Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

12:30 p.m. - 1:10 p.m.

Ready, Set, Read: Building Blocks to Reading Comprehension
Build life-long literacy skills and help students become confident and curious readers. As the platform with the broadest coverage of language arts, IXL addresses all the areas needed to teach ELA effectively, with over 2,300 skills spanning early literacy to reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. IXL can assess and pinpoint learners’ specific gaps within and across these areas. Hear the latest research on the impact of IXL on ELA learning in Kentucky.
Presented by: Molly Bowen, IXL
French Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

5 Steps to Overcome Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm: So You Can Discover Your Inner Calm and Confidence and Create the Happiness You Deserve
Learn the 5 most important steps to overcome chronic stress, balance the stresses of life and work, and live life from a state of calm & confidence. Implementing these steps will decrease burnout and increase your satisfaction in life and work.
Presented by: Shonna Storz
Willis Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Decodable Above the Fray
In this session, Dr. Julia B Lindsey will explain the critical role of decoding in reading development and discuss key new insights from research about supporting decoding in classrooms. She will offer concrete instructional swaps for educators along with tips for making changes stick for leaders — with a focus on smart change, not panic!
Presented by: Julia Lindsey, Ph.D., Scholastic
Brown Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Bring Out the Best in Your Leaders, Teachers, and Students
During this session, we will discuss how to better develop leaders in your organization (at all levels) through building a relationship-driven culture, modeling proven leadership behaviors and creating self-managing teams. Participants will walk away with skills to better connect and engage with others, a proven approach to building high-performing teams (from the district office to the classroom), and tools to personally develop as a leader of leaders.
Presented by: Diane Wilborn, Capturing Kids Hearts
Coe Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Playground Design for Schools - Equipment Selection and Best Practices
A thoughtfully designed school playground provides an environment for physical activity, nurtures children's social interactions, and sparks their imagination. In this session, you will learn how to consider age-specific needs, consider accessibility for children with diverse abilities, provide inclusive opportunities, and ensure occasions to build developmental skills while exploring new things. Discover how integrating educational elements can extend learning beyond the classroom. Effective playground design ensures a stimulating environment where children can explore, learn, and develop!
Presented by: Nathan Chamberlin, and Brian King, MidState Recreation
Segell Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Built to Last - Rethinking Engagement and Support for Educators
The educational landscape is changing faster than ever. Are you facing the challenge of supporting a diverse team of educators with varying experience levels, all while ensuring student success? Join us for a dynamic exploration of how to build a "Built to Last" professional learning (PD) plan that engages and empowers every member of your educational team. We'll delve into innovative tech tools that can revolutionize your PD approach. Here's what you'll gain: Unleash the Power of Your Team: Evaluate your current PD strategies and discover how to better meet your educators' diverse needs. Engagement on Autopilot: Explore elements that ignite staff passion for learning and keep them coming back for more. Tech Tools to Scale: Learn how to leverage innovative technologies to create a scalable and efficient PD program. Draft Your Masterplan: We'll collaborate on a draft professional learning plan that supports all educators. Building a Culture of Growth: Foster a school environment where professional development becomes a natural part of the teaching journey. Supporting All Experience Levels: Discover strategies to empower veteran educators and provide a solid foundation for new teachers. Developing Future Leaders: Learn how to create a network of support for educators on the leadership track. Recruitment & Retention: Gain valuable insights and share best practices for attracting and retaining top talent within your school district. Leave this session feeling inspired and equipped with a clear roadmap to build a thriving professional learning program that propels your educators (and your students!) to long-term success.
Presented by: Nathan Chamberlin, and Brian King, MidState Recreation
Segell Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Transforming a CSI School into a High-Performing Elementary School
Dr. Tammy Taylor, esteemed principal of Great Falls Elementary School, will share her inspiring journey toward achieving excellence and fostering student growth within her dedicated school community. Dr. Taylor will highlight her transformative leadership in elevating a CSI-designated school in South Carolina to a high-performing elementary school. Under her guidance, the school significantly improved its South Carolina Report Card rating, increasing its score from 24 to 58. This remarkable achievement was accomplished despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the school's previous failing designation.
Presented by: Tammy Taylor, Ph.D., Great Falls Elementary School, South Carolina
Stopher Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Stopping the Brain Drain in Kentucky Schools - Why Do Our Teachers Leave?
Teacher shortages and high teacher turnover rates are detrimental to student learning, and mitigating this problem is critical to leaders in primary and secondary education. This study explores the predictive relationship between extrinsic and intrinsic factors in urban, high-poverty schools in Kentucky. It investigates the relationship between teacher turnover rates in these and all other Kentucky schools. The Kentucky IMPACT survey and the Kentucky School Report Card public use data from the 2021-2022 school year were analyzed.
Presented by: Sarah Graman, Ph.D., Covington Ind. Schools
Sampson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Confident Girls, Competent Women - Strategies for Cultivating Confidence and Leadership in a Complicated World
Despite progress in many areas, women remain underrepresented in leadership positions across the United States, and girls can face a confidence crisis that can hinder their leadership protentional. In this session, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman will draw upon groundbreaking research from The Girls' Index to explore the factors contributing to the confidence crisis and the connection between girls, confidence, their leadership aspiration and their future leadership roles. Participants will gain invaluable insights and leave with actionable strategies to foster confidence, resilience and leadership skills in the girls and women in their lives.
Presented by: Lisa Hinkelman, Ph.D., Ruling Our eXperiences
Laffoon Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

General Certification Updates
KDE Updates.
Presented by: Cassie Trueblood, KY Education Standards Board
Wilson Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Empowering Leaders - Unleashing Potential Through KASA Membership
Membership in the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) offers a robust suite of benefits, including access to a supportive network of educational leaders, opportunities for professional development, advocacy efforts for education policies, professional liability coverage, access to legal counsel, and free professional learning opportunities such as workshops and webinars. This comprehensive package aims to support school administrators in their roles, foster professional growth, and contribute to positive outcomes in the field of education.
Presented by: Kerrie McIntyre, KY Assoc. of School Administrators
Brown Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Current Cannabis, Nicotine & Other Vape Trends
Building upon the insights and strategies outlined in his keynote address, during this follow-up education session Tall Cop will guide attendees through practical approaches for implementing effective drug prevention and intervention measures within educational settings.
Presented by: Jermaine Galloway, Tall Cop
Nunn Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Safety Updates
Every administrator is responsible for the safety and well-being of their staff and students. Come hear the latest information on laws, regulations, and strategies to maintain a safe learning and work environment.
Presented by: Jon Akers, KY Center for School Safety and Ben Wilcox, State School Security Marshal
Breathitt Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Building Capacity to Lead at Superintendent Level
You are the one in that chair. You are the one who answers five, seven or nine board members who don't work in school but determine whether or not you are doing a good job. You are the one who answers to the community. That gets isolating. Leading with INTENTION create purpose. Leading with CONNECTION creates momentum. Leading with DIRECTION creates collective efficacy. Leading with all three in mind will not only build your capacity but foster an environment where everyone in your organization has the best opportunity to lead from where they are.
Presented by: Joe Sanfelippo

Combs Chandler Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Transformative Family Engagement - District Approach
Where do you start in creating a district-wide culture centered on the importance of home and school partnerships? This session will explore 1. how to establish district-wide alignment of family engagement and 2. how to build district-wide capacity to sustain family engagement systems and structures. This session will highlight the use of the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family School Partnerships and local resources such as the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) and Scholastic.
Presented by: Miranda Scully and Mendy Mills, Fayette Co. Schools
Morrow Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Level 1 - Trauma Informed Schools
Do you know your students’ ACE score? Do you know your ACE score? Are you wondering “What is an ACE score?” Join us to learn about ACE scores and how trauma lowers resiliency in students. Learn how using a “trauma lens” can benefit all students in your building. This is a level one introduction to building a trauma-informed school. Creating a trauma-informed environment can lower discipline rates and increase benchmark scores.
Presented by: Katie Holbrook-Wilburn, Ed.S. and Gara Bowley, Ashland Ind. Schools
Stanley Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Revolutionize Your Leadership with The Leadership Challenge
Since 2016, KASA has been at the forefront of training Kentucky's educational leaders, and we're proud to utilize the groundbreaking work of renowned researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The Leadership Challenge (TLC) has proven to be the go-to program for hundreds of leaders worldwide, including superintendents, district leaders, building leaders, and aspiring principals. What sets TLC apart is its research-based approach, grounded in the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. These practices will revolutionize your leadership style and empower you to make a real impact on your school's culture and teacher retention. KASA’s revised approach to TLC can be pivotal in training leaders to be adaptable while understanding that difficult situations provide opportunities to make extraordinary things happen.  

We're not just offering a training program - we're offering a life-changing opportunity to become the exceptional leader you've always aspired to be.

So, are you ready to take your leadership journey to the next level?

Presented by: Bobby Bennett, Ed.D., KY Assn. of School Administrators

McCreary Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Working Conditions Survey
In the fall of 2022, the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) began an effort to develop recommendations for various stakeholders, including the Kentucky General Assembly, Kentucky public school districts, and other state agencies, to address the teacher shortage in Kentucky. Executive Director Dr. Rhonda Caldwell recruited experts and policymakers from the fields of business and industry, K-12 and post-secondary education, labor, and government to serve on the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession. Mr. Thom Cochran, Johnson County Superintendent, and Dr. Carrie Ballinger, Rockcastle County Superintendent, led the Working Conditions Task Force as part of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession. During this session, they will be sharing recommendations for improving the working conditions of Kentucky teachers, derived from a statewide survey completed in partnership with Eastern Kentucky University.
Presented by: Thom Cochran, Johnson Co. Schools and Carrie Ballinger, Ed.D., Rockcastle Co. Schools
Taylor Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Engage, Empower and Elevate - Building Better Connections and Improving Communication in Oldham Co. Schools!
Join us as we share our story, insights and strategies used to foster positive connections, strengthen communication and elevate the impact and influence of leadership in our schools and communities. In this session, we hope to offer actionable solutions for district and school administrators leading through the unique context of public education. If you are seeking practical options to engage, empower and elevate others in your system, don’t miss this opportunity to grow with us!
Presented by: Jason Radford, Ed.D., Oldham Co. Schools
Jones Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Innovation Intersection - AI, Data and Emerging Technologies
In this dynamic session, we will explore how the synergy between artificial intelligence, robust data strategies and cutting-edge technologies can help our schools become rooted in transformative breakthroughs. Uncover real-world applications, challenges and opportunities that will help our schools become resilient in the face of challenges. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of innovation, unveiling insights that illuminate the path forward in the rapidly evolving realm of AI, data and emerging technologies - and overall - growing leaders who are ready to shatter glass ceilings.  
Presented by: Stella Pollard, Franklin Co. Schools
French Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

From Data to Decision - Unleashing Insights by Empowering Administrators with Infinite Campus Data Visualizations
Explore the transformative power of Infinite Campus Insights in shaping a data-informed educational ecosystem. Discover how to customize attendance, behavior, course performance, assessment and stability reports to enhance student and building-level support. Gain strategies for fostering a data-informed culture and promoting effective decision-making. This session equips administrators with practical takeaways and actionable insights for leveraging data to improve educational outcomes.
Presented by: Michelle Wilson, Kentucky Dept. of Education
Segell Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

The Dynamics of Gathering - Mastering Spatial Proficiency in Education
Join us for an immersive workshop where educators will develop and enhance their spatial proficiency skills. Key focus areas include: 1. Understanding Spatial Proficiency: Gain insights into the art of intuitively and strategically using furniture to create dynamic learning environments. 2. Furniture as a Tool: Learn how the tangible qualities of furniture can be effectively utilized in alignment with educational goals. 3. Enhancing Engagement and Communication: Explore techniques to foster effective communication and enhance student engagement through optimal space arrangement. 4. Group Dynamics and Cooperative Learning: Delve into the integration of furniture arrangement with group dynamics and cooperative learning protocols. 5. Proxemics in Education: Understand the importance of spatial relationships and proxemics in creating conducive learning environments. Hear firsthand how an elementary school in Fayette Co. has partnered with VS America Furniture to reimagine learning spaces for both students and teachers.  
Presented by: Martha Jones, Ed.D., Fayette Co. Schools
Stopher Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Serving Your Most In-Need Students - Jobs for America's Graduates
JAG KY is an affiliate of Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG), a national non-profit organization dedicated to reconnecting students academically by helping them overcome barriers to graduation and helping them transition into postsecondary education, the workforce, or the military after graduation. JAG's competency-based curriculum educates students in areas of career development, job attainment and retention, leadership, financial literacy and numerous other life skills, all of which enhance a student’s employability and likelihood of success upon graduation.
Presented by: Jason Miner, JAG KY

Coe Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

The Science and Strategy of Storytelling in Leadership and Teaching
Participants will learn the science and strategies behind using storytelling as a leadership tool and teaching adjunct. Storytelling has been rooted in human existence from the beginning of time. It is also a powerful leadership tool. Stories create connections, great learning experiences and better engagement with staff, students, and community. They also stimulate curiosity, creativity and memory, essentials for learning.
Presented by: Jeff Jones, McLean Co. Schools
Dogwood Room, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Mindful Movement for Your Workday
Learn simple yoga stretches and breathing techniques you can do at your desk to decrease the stress and tension on your body from long hours at your desk. These movements will help reduce tension in your neck, shoulders, back, wrists, and hips. Leave feeling refreshed and ready to focus (No special clothing needed).
Presented by: Shonna Storz
Willis Room, 2nd Floor, West Tower

Practical Strategies to Improve Outcomes Despite the Fiscal Cliff
Come learn about strategies to expand the reach and impact of the remaining interventionists despite a reduction in staff and funding. This interaction session will share how to continue the efforts and expectations for improvement even as budgets get tight.
Presented by: Nate Levenson, New Solutions K12
Carroll Ford Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

- The School Leader's Path to Unlocking Peak Leadership, Health, and Well-Being
Specifically designed for school leaders seeking to redefine their path to holistic success, this session builds upon interviews conducted over two years involving school leaders, physicians, nutritionists, and fitness experts.  Leaders will gain empowering strategies to realign their priorities, fostering a harmonious balance between  professional excellence and personal wellness.  The session will unveil the keys to unlocking their full potential as leaders while nurturing their leadership, physical, and emotional health.
Presented by: Brian Creasman, Ed.D., Fleming Co. Schools
Wilkinson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

3:40 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for Girls - Insights from the Girls' Index and Kentucky Educators
Join Dr. Lisa Hinkelman and a panel of Kentucky school counselors and educators as they share insights from the largest-of-its-kind national survey, The Girls' Index, and discuss their experiences supporting girls through the ROX program. With data encompassing over 17,000 girls, the panel will identify alarming trends and challenges faced by today's students, including the impact of social media, stress, relationships and confidence issues. Together, the panel will pinpoint emerging issues and share actionable strategies and real-world examples on how the ROX Program is being leveraged to foster an equitable and empowering environment. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the current landscape for girls and practical tools for creating learning environments that promote their success
Presented by: Lisa Hinkelman, Ph.D., Ruling Our eXperiences
Laffoon Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Addressing the Vocabulary Instruction Gap - Implementing a Systematic Model
Struggling to bridge the vocabulary gap? Leave behind "one size fits all" and "memorize-and-move-on" methods. This session equips you to unlock word meaning through strategic instruction using the perfect learning approach for every word. Discover the power of vivid descriptions for concrete words, word part analysis for complex terms, and engaging activities for abstract concepts. Watch your students' confidence soar as they build a precise and powerful vocabulary, ready to conquer any text. Join us and bridge the gap, word by word!
Presented by: Jessica Turner, Green River Region Educational Cooperative
Carroll Ford Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Safe Schools, Smart Subs - A Guide for Administrators on Equipping Substitute Teachers with Essential Safety Procedures
Are your substitute teachers fully equipped to handle emergencies effectively? Are they well-versed in the proper procedures when unexpected situations arise? This session is designed to address these critical questions and empower administrators to elevate school safety through training for substitute teachers. We will delve into best practices and offer valuable tips to ensure that substitute teachers, as well as all substitute employees, are well-prepared for any emergency scenario. Attendees will also receive a customizable Substitute Teacher Safety Checklist template, courtesy of the KASA School Safety Council, enabling them to tailor safety protocols to their specific district needs. Join us in reinforcing a culture of safety and preparedness in substitute teaching.
Presented by: Brian Lile and Wes Miller, Muhlenberg Co. Schools, and Chris Barrier, Montgomery Co. Schools

Nunn Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

All Things Threat Assessment
During this interactive three-part session, four school leaders will explore three parts of the threat assessment process, share some of the research, and suggest pragmatic ways in which you can be more effective and confident as you walk through the process of assessing threats to safety and security – with a team – in your district.
Presenters: Dan Orman, KY Center for School Safety: Garrett Frank, Kyle Melloy and Dana Pickering, Meade Co. Schools
Breathitt Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Nurturing Newbies, Uplifting Veterans - The Lawrence Co. District Resource Team Approach!
Learn about the role of the District Resource teacher (DRT) in Lawrence County. This session will focus on 1. DRT team composition and functions 2. Lawrence County’s TARGET program for new teacher orientation and mentoring 3. DRT's role in providing ongoing professional development and support for all teachers across district 4. Post-Covid evolution of our DRT model and the addition of special education supports.
Presented by: Katie Hatfield Webb, Lawrence Co. Schools
Combs Chandler Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Family Engagement to Family Leadership
The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) provides a spectrum of family engagement to family leadership strategies to improve and build partnerships among families, schools and communities. Participants will learn how to nominate and support families through the Fellowship program, utilize and support CIPL strategies within the school and develop family engagement plans that are meaningful and involve families as decision-makers.
Presented by: Laura Beard, The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership
Morrow Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Cultivating Positive Behaviors
Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle with no idea what the finished picture of the puzzle would look like? This is how many educators feel when dealing with trauma-induced behaviors. By fostering a growth mindset, celebrating effort and providing a supportive environment, educators can empower students to embrace challenges.
Presented by: Derrick Harris, Wayne Co. Schools
Stanley Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Can You See Every Student
Unlock insights to ensure every student's success within your Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). Explore a dynamic data management solution that promotes equitable learning outcomes for academic and non-academic needs. This session guides educators on optimizing universal instruction, proactive early intervention, and meeting Read to Succeed Act (Senate Bill 9) criteria in grades K–3. Overcome implementation barriers while addressing evolving student needs with limited resources. Can you see every student? Enhance your MTSS for a comprehensive view of student progress and support across all grades.
Presented by: Charlene Ball, Renaissance

Wilson Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Finding Your Path - Building a School for "The Rest of Us"
The Shelby Academy is a unique marriage of a personalized online learning program, an operationalized GED opportunity and an alternative school, all using a hybrid learning format, but - more importantly - built on wrapping around a student's educational and social-emotional needs when the traditional learning environment did not fit.  Accomplishing this requires a unique structure, the right technology and a human touch often forgotten in online learning. Welcome to a school for “The Rest of Us”!
Presented by: Dan Pfaff, Shelby Co. Schools

Taylor Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Empowering Educators - Enhancing Teacher Retention and Recruitment at Clark Co. Schools
In response to the critical need for retaining and recruiting quality educators, Clark County Public Schools has implemented a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at improving teacher satisfaction and attracting new talent.
Presented by: Dustin Howard, Aleisha Ellis and Tammy Parrish, Clark Co. Schools
Beckham Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

The Teacher Shortage Crisis - One Promising Solution
Though increased pay is certainly part of the solution to the growing teacher shortage crisis, teachers also want time - time to come together with others to truly become the designers of student learning experiences they dreamed about as they entered the field. Making space for this to happen is one important way we can bring joy back to the profession. Join us to learn how KY districts, through the special teacher cohorts, are meeting this need while also building capacity for the kind of experience they want for their students.
Presented by: Carmen Coleman, Ed.D., Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
Jones Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

School Choice is on the Ballot. How Do We Encourage Citizens to Vote NO?
Get some caffeine before this session, because this fast-paced deep dive into the history, players and money behind school privatization efforts will change the way you think about the American education system. learn the real meaning behind code words used by dark money "choice" advocates and data-driven talking points to equip you to stand for public education in a targeted, powerful way.
Presented by: Bob Rowland, KY Assn. of School Administrators and Abby Piper, Piper|Smith
Stopher Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

KWEL - Sole Sisters, Navigating Your Education Journey
Come learn more about Kentucky Women in Education Leadership and how KWEL helps prepare women for their next steps in their leadership journey.
Presented by: Kathy Fields, Ed.D. and KWEL cohort members
Cochran Ballroom, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Building Innovative Assessment Practices at Bullitt Co. Schools
Bullitt County Public Schools has been on the vanguard of building models for authentic learning and innovative assessment. The district is developing a competency-based assessment system aligned with its Graduate Profile that reframes assessment as a “learning journey.” This session will explore highlights and challenges of implementing innovative assessments in the classroom, leadership and within the community.
Presented by: Adrienne Usher, Ed.D., Bullitt Co. Schools
Dogwood Room, 3rd Floor, West Tower

Improvement of Culture, Attendance and Student Motivation Through Scoreboards
Learn how Porter Elementary School is using scoreboards to drive improvements in culture, behavior, attendance and student motivation.  Scoreboards are created in a way that provides formative and summative takeaways that students use  to make daily decisions. Explore how students involvement in this process creates a level of academic and behavioral engagement that have elevated the results being achieved at Porter Elementary.
Presented by: Thom Cochran and Ashley Lemaster, Johnson Co. Schools and Nolan Marx, Franklin Covey
French Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Building Leadership Through Education
During the “Building Leadership Through Education” Lunch-N-Learn session, attendees will learn how leadership skills developed in the Army ROTC program are providing students with a brighter, more secure future. Available at almost 1,000 colleges nationwide, ROTC offers students unmatched personal development with great benefits like advanced career training, the possibility to qualify for a full-tuition scholarship and the opportunity to be commissioned as an Army officer upon the completion of ROTC courses. Join us to learn how Army ROTC helps students become career ready after graduation!
Presented by: Scott Bryant, UofL ROTC
 McCreary Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

Building Empathy and Community for Military-Connected Children - A Partnership Between Global Game Changers and Purple Star Schools
Join this Global Game Changers session to learn about our partnership with Purple Star Schools and the ways we can help elementary-level teachers in the classroom through our free SEL/Leadership data driven curriculum. We will share our new Purple Star Schools lesson and resources that we developed to build empathy and community around military-connected children, to support their unique needs, and to honor our military legacy in Kentucky, home to 250,000+ veterans and 30,000+ active-duty military personnel.
Presented by: Heather French Henry, and Retired Brigadier General Steve Bullard, Global Game Changers
 McCreary Room, 3rd Floor, East Tower

The #1 Stress Reduction Technique Every Leader Should Master
Reducing your chronic stress has far- reaching impacts in your work and home environments. Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illness, burnout, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and general unhappiness with life. Discover how and why this one simple technique can greatly reduce your levels of stress in the moment, as well as the long- term health and wellness benefits with regular practice.  It’s simple enough for children to learn that it can be implemented system wide.
Presented by: Shonna Storz
Willis Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for Administrators
Specially Designed Instruction is a core element of providing special education services. As administrators, ensuring the provision of specially designed instruction for your students with disabilities will assist in closing achievement gaps and connect your students to success. This session will highlight the why's and what's, as well as connect you to tools for implementation within your school environment.
Presented by: Ramona Karsner, Central KY Educational Cooperative
Sampson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower

Empowering Family Engagement - Impact of Home Reading Programs on Student Success
In an educational landscape increasingly shaped by policies such as Kentucky Senate Bill 9, the significance of family engagement cannot be overstated. Join us for an workshop designed specifically for school administrators, where we delve into the transformative power of home reading programs in enhancing family involvement, elevating student proficiency scores, and meeting legislative mandates.
Presented by: Mendy Mills, Miranda Scully, Sharon Mofield-Boswell, and Brooke Stinson, Fayette Co. Schools
Brown Room, 2nd Floor, East Tower

Navigating Conflict with Confidence & Grace - Strategies for Female Leaders
In this session, we will delve into the nuanced challenges female leaders often face when dealing with conflict. Recognizing that effective conflict resolution is a crucial leadership skill, we will explore tailored strategies that empower women to navigate conflicts confidently and gracefully. Through research, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into communication techniques, assertiveness, and relationship-building skills. Join us as we foster an open dialogue on embracing conflict as a catalyst for growth and leadership development in diverse professional settings.
Presented by Carrie Wade, and Amy Harris, Fayette Co. Schools
Wilkinson Room, 1st Floor, East Tower