Chief Executive Officer
Rhonda Caldwell, CAE, Ed.D. 
 Director of
Government Relations

Bob Rowland
   General Counsel
Wayne Young
 KASA staff since 2001 KASA staff since 2021     KASA staff since 1983  

Business Operations

Finance Specialist
Amy Moore
 Information Specialist &
Accounts Payable Manager

Lisa Ducker
 KASA staff since 2006 KASA staff since 2016 

Membership Team

Director of Membership 
Kerrie McIntyre  
  Director of Affiliate Support
& Member Support Services
Mike Ford 
  Strategic Partnerships
& Member Engagement Specialist

David Bolen
KASA staff since 2024     KASA staff since 2023   KASA staff since 2021 

Communications & Creative Team

Director of Communications
& Marketing

Wanda Darland
Creative Director
Caleb Phelps
Digital Marketing Specialist
Taylor McCane
 KASA staff since 2001  KASA staff since 2021 KASA staff since 2022 

Leadership Team

Director of
Leadership Development

Kathy Fields, Ed.D. 
Director of Principal
Programming & Services

Bobby Bennett, Ed.D. 
 KASA staff since 2021 KASA staff since 2023 


Leadership Series for Onboarding New Superintendents

Executive Coaching
& Mentoring

Fred Carter
Individual Learning
Plan Coordinator

Jan Lantz
Faculty & Curriculum

Nannette Johnston
 KASA staff since 2011 KASA staff since 2015     KASA staff since 2016


  Board of Directors