Rapid Improvement Effort (RIE)


The Rapid Improvement grant recipients will have previously participated in the District Priority Analysis or the Comprehensive Improvement Effort.  In this Process Improvement and Performance Excellence Rapid Improvement Effort, your leadership team will identify a single area of concern that will benefit from a redesign resulting in rapid improvement.

The following steps outline a district’s participation and commitment to this Rapid Improvement Effort: 

  1. Identify 8 to 10 district team members
  2. Commit to an eight-week process of learning and hands-on work
  3. District leadership and action team participate in planning call to define project scope
  4. Complete template for planning the RIE
  5. District team members participate in an on-site RIE to work on process redesign and create an action plan for continued project improvement work
  6. Participate in four hours virtual coaching and follow-up to ensure changes are successful and sustainable
  7. Review comprehensive report of opportunities for improvement
  8. Select opportunities and assign action team members
  9. Utilize all training materials, templates and related documentation
  10. Submit a report to consulting firm and KASA AND CEL.  This report must include project storyboards, solutions to-date, and a cost benefit analysis