Strategic Plan Implementation Effort (SPIE)

Strategic Plan Implementation Effort recipients will have completed a collaborative strategic plan. These grant recipients will have a board-approved strategic plan and are ready to fully implement.

Continue your PIPE journey to learn and implement an organizational scorecard process to operationalize your strategic plan, while aligning and integrating those elements and that work with your Comprehensive District Improvement Plan (CDIP) goals.

The organizational scorecard approach leads to high performing results. More importantly, developing a district scorecard is the first step to annualizing and operationalizing your multi-year strategic plan to communicate an action plan around priorities to achieve quality results for the students and communities you serve.

Your school district will receive expert facilitation and support for taking your existing strategic plan and developing an annual, measurable District Scorecard that includes SMART Goals aligned to the strategic plan, progress monitoring measures toward each goal, and strategic action the district will take to achieve the annual and strategic plan goals.

The following steps outline a district’s participation and commitment to this tier level work:

  1. Commit to a nine-month process of learning and hands-on work (October through June)
  2. Leadership team to participate in a project planning call with the assigned consulting firm
  3. Submit your strategic plan and your district’s continuous improvement plan
  4. Complete a questionnaire to determine baseline information about the district
  5. Participate in four on-site (superintendent and district leadership team) coaching and work sessions (tentatively, one-day sessions in October, January, April, and June) focused on the following:
    • Overview of the organizational scorecard approach for implementing priority district plans
    • Components of a district scorecard
    • Annualizing strategic plan goals to develop aligned SMART (specific measurable attainable responsible time-bound) goals
    • Identifying and developing aligned progress monitoring measures to achieve goals
    • Developing a complete district scorecard
    • Implementing and progress monitoring the district scorecard throughout the year
    • Preparing a draft district scorecard for the following school year
  6. Participate in virtual coaching and follow-up calls throughout the school year to ensure your district is successful and the process can be implemented in a sustainable way in the future
  7. Utilize all training materials, templates, and related documentation, including access to a custom-developed online scorecard tool to support and accelerate the process
  8. Submit monthly status reports to the consulting firm and KASA/CEL (reports must include project milestones documents and the completed District Scorecard) via the online community ( by the 30th of each month
  9. Complete a post-analysis survey to indicate progress and next steps for embedding PIPE in the school district, as well as upload your completed district scorecard (as a model/example) or one best practice to the KDE (KY Department of Education) website