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Grant Tiers in 2016/17

District Prioritization Analysis (DPA)

Comprehensive Improvement Effort (CIE2)

Collaborative Improvement Effort (CIE3)

Strategic Plan Implementation Effort (SPIE)

Collaborative Strategic Implementation Effort (SPIC)

Rapid Improvement Effort (RIE)

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"Our strategic plan is a roadmap for changing the story for our students, our community and our commonwealth. Through the strategic planning efforts thus far we have been able to craft a message that has resonated with local industry. Partnerships with healthcare, technology and higher education are changing the way we go about the business of building individuals and our community. The tool of the strategic plan is proving to be quite powerful in terms of alignment and focus within organization, connecting outside the organization, and tapping into the human capital. Thank you for providing this invaluable opportunity."

Monica Bilak, Paducah Independent Schools

Collaborative Improvement Effort (CIE3)

Similar to the Comprehensive Improvement Effort 2 grant, the Collaborative Improvement Effort is designed to bring school district teams together to collaborate on a common issue. 

District Prioritization Analysis findings led KASA/CEL to provide a CIE3 for districts to develop and implement a strategic plan to set direction and determine priorities for multiple years, simplify the decision making process, and bring alignment to district improvement plans.

Thirty-three districts completed the CIE3, which provides for two in-person sessions, coaching in between sessions, checkpoints to show progress, and an online community network for sharing work and learning from peers.  

The following districts completed their strategic plans in 2016 using the same CIE3 grant process. 

Boyd County
Breathitt County
Bowling Green Ind.
Bullitt County Burgin Ind. Carroll County
Caverna Ind
Crittenden County
Danville Ind.
Dawson Springs Ind. Elizabethtown Ind. EstillCounty
Fairview Ind. Fleming County Frankfort Ind.
Franklin County  Gallatin County Henderson County
Henry County Johnson County 
Knox County
Lee County  Lewis County  Magoffin County 
Mercer County Metcalfe County
Middlesboro Ind.
Morgan County
Muhlenberg County
Newport Ind.
Paducah Ind.  Paris Ind. Pendleton County 
Perry County Pike County  Taylor County 
Trigg County Trimble County  Union County
Washington County