District Prioritization Analysis 

How many of your core processes are documented and communicated with personnel in your district? What kind of governance systems exist in your district that measure and monitor ongoing performance and identify improvement priorities? How do you currently ensure linkages of your strategic education improvement plan to department and campus plans—even to the classroom level? Are you just cutting your budget? Or, are you eliminating waste and non-value-added activities to increase ongoing savings?

If you’re unsure where to best deploy PIPE work within your system, a District Prioritization Analysis will provide answers to these questions and more. In addition, this analysis will help determine your district’s greatest needs for alignment of your work for the best possible return on investment (ROI).

The following steps outline a district’s participation in this tier level work: 

  1. Leadership team participates in a project planning call with the assigned consulting firm
  2. Complete a questionnaire to determine baseline information about the district
  3. District leadership team and other employees participate in two consecutive days of on-site interviews to identify potential best practice and opportunities for improvement to effectiveness and efficiency
  4. Review comprehensive findings report
  5. Participate in follow-up conference call within three months of the on-site meeting to determine progress and discuss follow-up activities
  6. Carry out a minimum of one recommendation from the comprehensive findings report
  7. Complete post-analysis survey to indicate progress and next steps for embedding PIPE in the school district, as well as upload one best practice to the KDE website 

Districts who received a District Prioritization Analysis Grant this year:

 Bourbon County Schools            Paris Ind. Schools
 Frankfort Ind. Schools  Washington County Schools


They join the following districts:  

 Breckenridge County Schools            Bullitt County Schools                 Christian County Schools
 Magoffin County Schools Middlesboro Ind. Schools Owen County Schools
 Owensboro Ind. Schools Owsley County Schools Paducah Ind. Schools
 Perry County Schools Pineville Ind. Schools Raceland-Worthington Ind. Schools
 Shelby County Schools Trigg County Schools  

The value of a District Prioritization Analysis Grant includes:

  1. Foundational understanding of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and next steps for addressing how a district should improve and change.
  2. Collective findings of all district DPA reports provide opportunity for KASA/CEL to address challenges many districts may be facing.
  3. Completion of a District Prioritization Analysis leads to more indepth work for greater savings and efficiency.