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“The PIPE training helped us identify and close gaps which resulted in greater efficiencies from the start to the finish for the targeted work processes we addressed as part of the PIPE grant.

The process caused us to question our practices to the point that we were able to eliminate many unnecessary steps.” 

–Donald Shively, Superintendent, Paducah Ind. Schools

Since 2013, KASA AND The Center for Education Leadership, in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education, have provided grant opportunities to Kentucky school districts.

The grants were designed and aimed at helping school districts gain an understanding of Process Improvement and Performance Excellence (PIPE) and how to embed it into school and district operations for cost savings, greater efficiency of resources, and reallocation of funds back to classrooms.

By participating in PIPE, school districts respond to these questions—Is our organization doing as well as it could? How do we know? What and how should our district improve or change? Once a district has participated in PIPE, it becomes a part of the Kentucky Education North Star Community.

PIPE moves us from reacting to problems to the highest levels of district-wide improvement, refinement and innovation.

A partnership of KASA and the Kentucky Department of Education, the goal of the work is simple - find greater efficiencies and cost savings for reallocation to classrooms to ensure we provide the best education to Kentucky's children. The results have been astounding.

In three short years, 50+ districts have enhanced their operations, found 2.6 million dollars in recurring savings, reduced their risk liability, and have developed and are implementing strategic plans for the first time.

Five school districts embedded PIPE through comprehensive improvement effort grants.
The districts, their projects and savings are listed:

Fleming County - $276K savings around recruitment/retention and staff attendance

Greenup County - $62K savings found in student attendance, staff engagement and improved processes

Henderson County - $695K savings around digital position control, food purchasing and staff attendance

Lawrence County - $144K savings around employee onboarding, energy efficiency and transportation

Districts who received grants this year:

Boone County Schools Bourbon County Schools Bowling Green Ind. Schools
Boyd County Schools Breathitt County Schools Breckinridge County Schools 

Bullitt County Schools

Burgin Ind. Schools

Carroll County Schools

Caverna Ind. Schools

Christian County Schools

Crittenden County Schools

Danville Ind. Schools

Daviess County Schools

Dawson Springs Ind. Schools

Elizabethtown Ind. Schools  Estill County Schools Fairview Ind. Schools
Fleming County Schools  Frankfort Ind. Schools Franklin County Schools
Gallatin County Schools  Garrard County Schools Greenup County Schools
Henderson County Schools Henry County Schools Johnson County Schools
Knox County Schools Lawrence County Schools Lee County Schools
Lewis County Schools Lincoln County Schools Magoffin County Schools 
Martin County Schools Mercer County Schools Metcalfe County Schools
Middlesboro Ind. Schools Morgan County Schools Muhlenberg County Schools
Nelson County SChools Newport Ind. Schools Owsley County Schools 
Owensboro Ind. Schools Paducah Ind. Schools Paris Ind. Schools
Pendleton County Schools Perry County Schools Pike County Schools
Pineville Ind. Schools Raceland-Worthington Ind. Schools Shelby County Schools 
Taylor County Schools Trigg County Schools Trimble County Schools
Union County Schools Washington County Schools  

Those districts received one of the grants below:

District Prioritization Analysis (DPA) -

If you’re unsure where to best deploy PIPE work within your system, a District Prioritization Analysis will provide answers to these questions and more. In addition, this analysis will help determine your district’s greatest needs for alignment of your work for the best possible return on investment (ROI). 

Comprehensive Improvement Effort (CIE2) - requires a six month commitment and provides in-depth training for embedding PIPE throughout a school district. Your school district will benefit 
from in-depth training for embedding PIPE in your school district through hands-on project work through action teams. Your team will identify four to five areas that may benefit from this tier level work. School districts participating in this level work often experience significant and recurring savings.


Collaborative Improvement Effort (CIE3) - Similar to the Tier 2 grant, you will join other school district teams (maximum 5 teams) to work and collaborate on a common issue (e.g., strategic planning, transportation, human resources, or facilities use). Each district will engage four to five staff members to participate on its team. 
District teams will meet at The Center for Education Leadership’s training center, located at 87 C. Michael Davenport Blvd. in Frankfort for on-site work.

Strategic Plan Implementation Effort (RIE) -
Tier 4 grant recipients will have completed a Tier 2 collaborative strategic plan in 2015-16. These grant recipients will have a board-approved strategic plan and are ready to fully implement. Continue your PIPE journey to learn and implement an organizational scorecard process to operationalize your strategic plan, while aligning and integrating those elements and that work with your Comprehensive District Improvement Plan (CDIP) goals. Your school district will receive expert facilitation and support for taking your existing strategic plan and developing an annual, measurable District Scorecard that includes SMART Goals aligned to the strategic plan, progress monitoring measures toward each goal; and strategic action the district will take to achieve the annual and strategic plan goals.

Collaborative Strategic Plan Implementation Effort (SPIE) -You will join other school district teams (maximum 5 teams) to learn, work, and collaborate to develop your District Scorecard. Each district will engage two to five staff members (must include the superintendent) to participate on its team.  District teams will meet at the offices of KASA/CEL’s training center, located at 87 C. Michael Davenport Blvd. in Frankfort for onsite work. 

Rapid Improvement Effort (RIE) -
Tier 6 grant recipients will have previously participated in Tier 1 or 2 work.  In this Process Improvement and Performance Excellence RIE, your leadership team will identify a single area of concern that will benefit from a redesign resulting in rapid improvement.