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Topics Coming Soon:

• Legal Issues—Abuse & Neglect
• Legal Issues—ADA/FMLA
• Legal Issues—FERPA
• Legal Issues—FLSA
• Legal Issues—Harassment/Bullying (Students)
• Legal Issues—Student Discipline

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District/School Leadership:
Eye On Ethics (Jay Brewer, Superintendent, Dayton Ind. Schools, Dr. Kathy Burkhardt, Superintendent, Erlanger-Elsmere Ind. Schools  2/23/2017 55 minutes 42 seconds)
Real Incidents, First Steps and Resolutions Faced by Superintendents(Mr. Wayne Benningfield, Todd County Schools  2/23/2017 55 minutes 58 seconds)
Emerging Topics: Incidents Happen (Mr. Wayne Benningfield, Todd County Schools 12/8/2015 55 minutes 52 seconds)
Leading Your Schools Board and Facilitating Effective Meetings (Benny Lile, EdD, Superintendent, Metcalfe County Schools 12/8/2015 24 minutes 45 seconds)
21st Century Dispositions for Leading Change and Increasing Student Growth (Mark Wasicsko PhD, Northern Kentucky University & Randy Poe Ed.D., Superintendent, Boone County Schools 2/26/2016 44 minutes)
Operation Transformation-Process Management, Performance Management & Process Improvement-Journey Towards Excellence(Eric Cunningham Ed.D., Associate Superintendent, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, North Carolina 3/20/2015 1 hour 3 minutes)
Motivating People During Difficult Times, Part 1 (Dr. Todd Whitaker 3/23/2016 1 hour 2 minutes)
Motivating People During Difficult Times, Part 2 (Dr. Todd Whitaker 3/23/2016 1 hour 7 minutes)
Motivating People During Difficult Times, Part 3 (Dr. Todd Whitaker 3/23/2016 1 hour 40 minutes)
Here are your texts, keys and a map of the school. See you next week!
(Robin Fankhauser, Associate Professor, IU Southeast, 7/26/2018 46 minutes)
KDE Legal Matters: KDE Attorneys share updates from the Dept. of Education (Deanna Durrett, JD and Todd Allen, JD  KDE  3/8/2019 1 hour)

Director of Pupil Personnel (DPP) Information
Understanding Performance-Based Classes
(Ronda Devine, KDE 9/13/2018 36 minutes)
Understanding Growth Factor and SAAR (Ronda Devine, KDE 9/13/2018 36 minutes)

Infinite Campus (IC) Updates
Infinite Campus Tips and Tricks for DPPs
(Jennifer Winburn, Clark County Schools, 9/13/2018 52 minutes)
Early Warning and Persistence to Graduation Updates - Infinite Campus (Lisa Rhoton & Eric Gordee, Infinate Campus 9/13/2018 48 minutes)

Instruction & Assessment: 

Deeper Instruction for Deeper Learning (Ron Berger, EL Education 3/5/2018 3 hours 49 minutes)
Kentucky Accountability Update (Rhonda Sims, KDE 7/26/2018 30 minutes)
Leading for Differentiation: Growing Teachers Who Grow Kids (Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson 12/5/2018 6 hours)
Professional Learning for Deeper Learning, NxGL2 (Adam Rubin, 2Revolutions 3/18/2019 1 hour)
Building a Blended Learning Program From the Ground Up (Thomas Arnett, Christenson Institute 3/19/2019 6 hours)

KY Principal Academy:
The Principal as Conversationalist Morning
  (Dr. Michael Chirichello  9/6/2016 1 Hour 34 minutes)
The Principal as Conversationalist Afternoon (Dr. Michael Chirichello  9/6/2016 1 Hour 51 minutes)

Legal Issues - Construction:

Bond Capacity (Chip Southerland, Hilliard Lyons 3/15/18 1 Hour 1 minute)
Finance Facility Funding(Matt Robbins, Asst. Supt., Daviess County Schools 3/17/2016 47 minutes 18 seconds)

New Approach to School Funding(Gene Wilhoit, Director, National Center for Innovation in Education 3/18/2016 43 minutes 24 seconds)
So You Want to Build a School, Now What? ( Kevin Locke, Ross-Tarrant Architects 3/8/2019 1 hour)

Legal Issues - FERPA
Legal Update on FERPA (Anne Coorssen, J.D. 9/13/2018 33 minutes)

Legal Issues - General/Updates
Federal Legal Issues Impacting Superintendents (Wayne Young, JD Executive Director, KASA  2/23/2017 2 hours 2 minutes)
Known Knowns and Known Unknowns: The Importance of Education Leaders Knowing and Teaching the Law (Matthew Militello PhD. 3/19/2015 43 minutes 13 seconds)
Legal Issues Surrounding School Employees Social Networking (Janet R. Decker J.D., Ph.D., Indiana University 3/19/2015 48 minutes)
The Bermuda Triangle of School Law: Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights and Due Process for Students and Employees (Wayne Young, JD Executive Director, KASA  12/9/2014 1 hour 56 minutes)
Church and State Issues Involving Schools (Martha McCarthy, Loyola Marymount University 3/17/2016  52 minutes 12 seconds)
School Law A Year in Review (Wayne Young, JD Executive Director, KASA 7/26/2018 57 minutes PowerPoint Attached)
I Shared With the Law and We Both Won: Information Sharing with Law Enforcement(Ryan T. Fry, Guin Mundorf 8/8/2018 13 minutes)

Legal Issues - Special Education

Are You Legally Literate in Special Education? (Janet R. Decker J.D., Ph.D., Indiana University 3/19/2015 40 minutes 40 seconds)
Surviving and Thriving in the Special Education Jungle(Mary Ann Stewart J.D. 3/19/2015 58 minutes)

Legal Issues - Student Speech:
How to Avoid the ACLU: Respecting Students Rights Without Violating the Establishment Clause
(Mr. William Sharp J.D., General Council, Blackburn & Domene 3/16/2018 53 minutes 45 seconds)

Personnel/Human Resources:

Personnel Essentials(V. Wayne Young, JD Executive Director/General Counsel Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA)  2/7/2018 3 hours)
Test your Knowledge of Human Resource Law for School Leadership (Dr. Kevin Hub, Scott County Schools  3/15/2018   47 minutes)
Hiring for Transformation Change HR: Timing and Staff Decisions (Mr. Matt Rigg, Kenton County Schools; Dr. Kevin Hub, Scott County Schools; Randy Poe Ed.D., Superintendent, Boone County Schools  3/1/2018  2 hours 14 minutes)
Ethical Leadership and the EPSB(Cassie Trueblood, JD  Education Professional Standards Board  7/12/2017  1 hour 8 min)
At the Point of Appointment: Hiring for Transformational Change and Building a Culture of Happiness Leads to Increased Student Achievement(Randy Poe Ed.D., Superintendent, Boone County Schools, Matt Riggs, Boone County Schools 2/23/2017 1 hour 55 minutes)
Human Resources: Staff Allocations and Funding to Maximize Resources (Dr. Kevin Hub, Scott County Schools  2/24/2017  55 minutes 42 seconds)
Beginning Law for New Administrators(Justin Bathon, J.D., Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Education Leadership, University of Kentucky 3/18/2016 57 minutes 22 seconds)
Personnel Essentials-2019 (Wayne Young, JD Director/General Counsel Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) 2/6/2019 3 hours)
When is Fit For Duty the Right Fit-When should an employer request a medical examination of an employee (Shelley Chatfield, Fayette Co. Public Schools 3/7/2019 1 hour)
OEA: Your Partner in Compliance (David Wickersham, Ky OEA 3/7/2019 1 hour)
Personnel Law 101: Corrective Action Plans and More (Tim Crawford, JD 3/7/2019 1 hour)
Forward Without Fear: DeMystifying Classified Due Process (Wayne Young, JD KASA 3/8/2019 1 hour)

School Finance:
Communicating Redbook and Ethics for School Based Administrators (Mr. Eddie Muns, CPA  Jefferson County Schools  3/6/2018  41 minutes)
Budget Review, Insurance/Risk Management Overview (Matt Robbins, Asst. Supt., Daviess County Schools 2/24/2017 1 hour 35 minutes)
Budget Conversation with Charlie Harman (Charlie Harman, Budget Director, KDE   12/9/2015 30 minutes)
District Budget Planning and Development (Bob Rogers, Superintendent, Murray Independent Schools 12/9/2015 1 hour 6 minutes)
Finance (AFR, Audit, MUNIS) (Matt Robbins, Asst. Supt., Daviess County Schools 2/25/2016 1 hour 27 minutes)
Now You See it, Now You Don't: Internal Controls and Fraud Detection for the School Leader (Susan Barkley, C.P.A., Shelby County Schools 3/18/2016 43 minutes 24 seconds)

Financial Considerations for District Food Service (Susan Barkley, C.P.A., Shelby County Schools 12/19/2019 39 minutes)
Maximize Earnings with Procurement and Virtual Bank Cards (Amber Minor, Mercer Co. Schools 3/7/2019 1 hour)

School Safety:

KASA and KCSS School Safety Presentation (Jon Akers, Director of Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS), Chris Barrier, Director of Law Enforcement, Montgomery County Schools  2/21/2018  23 minutes)
Rural Safety: It Can Happen to Us—Best Practices (Dr. Steve Webb, Superintendent/SRO 9/15/2017 38 minutes)

Student Discipline
One, Two, Three Four! What Levels of Assault are For! Student Discipline and More! Wisdom, Tips and Help Galore!
 (Celynda L. Brasher, Teuth Keeney Cooper Mohan Jackstadt P.C. 7/26/2017 34 minutes)
Reporting Student Misconduct (Duane A. Martin Esq., Guinn Martin & Mundorf, LLC 11/8/2011 31 minutes)

Special Education
Sample Elementary ARC Annual Review Meeting  (Jackie Risden-Smith, Fairview Independent, Daveida Smith, Ramona Eldridge, Lincoln County 10/19/2018 37 minutes)

Student Mental Health
Building a Resilient School (Robert Barr, Author & Speaker, July 26, 2018 1 hour, 9 minutes)
Back Off-Or Else! Understanding and Addressing Anger and Aggression (Richard Van Acker, Behavior Institute for Children and Adults, 7/26/2018 57 minutes PowerPoint Notes Attached)
Exploring the Challenge of Mental Health Disorders in the School Setting: What Can Administrators Do? (Richard Van Acker, Behavior Institute for Children and Adults, 7/26/2018 59 minutes PowerPoint Notes Attached)
Barriers to Learning - Having a Social and Emotional Learning Plan for At-risk Students (Kathy Dieger & Amy Sutter, Carroll County Schools 47 minutes)
Creating Schools that Provide Physical and Psychological Safety for Students (Dr. Joe Bargione 3/7/2019 1 hour)

Student Searches
Fourth Amendment & Student Searches
(Melanie Gurley Keeney, Tueth Keeney Cooper Mohan & Jackstadt, P.C.7/23/2015 36 minutes)
Student Searches (Andy Hayes, EdCounsel, LLC, J. Drew Marriott, EdCounsel, LLC 8/3/2017, 10 minutes)
Student Searches  (Jenna M. Lakamp, Tueth Keeney Cooper Mohan Jackstadt P.C., Kylie Piatt, Tueth Keeney Cooper Mohan Hackstadt P.C. 7/25/2018 14 minutes)

Teacher Certification
Making Alternative Certification Work for You (Jimmy Adams, Jefferson County Public Schools (Former Director of Ky EPSB) 3/7/2019 1 hour)
Ensuring an Ethical Workforce: EPSB Update (Cassie Trueblood, JD & Chelsea Young, JD KDE/EPSB 3/7/2019 1 hour)