moments of inspiration


Wednesday, July 17
Marshall County heroes bring hope
On January 23, 2018 a tragic school shooting occurred at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. Learn how the students, staff, and community pulled together after this unforgettable tragedy. 

Thursday, JULY 18
Trooper island
Trooper Island Camp was developed by the Kentucky State Police as part of a long-range program of public service to the youth of Kentucky: a place where the tensions and turmoil of our everyday lives can be forgotten; and for one week young people can be given a touch of hope and desire of a better tomorrow. Spearheaded by former State Police Director, Colonel James E. Bassett, the idea was to establish a permanent recreational site where trooper and child could share a week-long experience. A location was selected in a secluded corner of Dale Hollow Lake near the Cumberland and Clinton County line, where an island was leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a non-profit charitable corporation was formed.

Friday, July 19
Fred Award Presentation
This moving presentation hits home for many educators as they watch unsung heroes from their own districts be celebrated for exceptional devotion to kids. Learn how bus drivers, custodians, volunteers, and others can contribute daily to positive and healthy places for kids to learn and grow. The presentation of the Fred Award finalists continues to be a favorite for attendees.