Featured Speakers

July 29


From At Risk to At Promise
Larry Bell, Multicultural America
Larry Bell has been an early advocate of recognizing students as at-promise rather than at-risk, with his work cited by the California legislature in a resolution that encourages teachers and leaders to use the term “at-promise” to describe disadvantaged youth. Larry delivers a passionate and informative message that will provide tools and ideas for raising the bar and supporting your students who face tremendous challenges in their lives.  If you like energy and a “get real” approach, this is the session for you! 

Two Through: Smashing the glass Ceiling of Leadership
Dr. Kristi Wilson, President AASA
Dr. Kristi Wilson, superintendent in Arizona and AASA 2020 Superintendent of the Year, will bring greetings from AASA during general sessions and will present concurrent education sessions that are designed for superintendents and Kentucky Women in Education Leadership. For more than 136 years in American history, back-to-back women had not been elected to serve as president of the School Superintendents Association (AASA). But in 2020, that all changed when Kristi was sworn into the office. This session's participants will learn about Kristi's journey moving up through the ranks. While there are still hurdles for women seeking high levels of leadership, exploring "on ramps" from "assigned seats" can provide critical insights. Kristi will share these lessons with participants, address challenges, and provide "on the job" tips.

Lessons Learned from the Sandy Hook Tragedy
Dr. Joseph Erardi, Retired Newtown, Connecticut Superintendent (Sandy Hook)

Dr.  Joseph Erardi, retired superintendent from Newtown, Conn., will share lessons learned from the December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. As part of this interactive session, you'll learn best proactive practices, the importance of safety-related partnerships, and the critical need for updated and understandable safety information in your school district.  Attendees will learn how to improve their present plan and response protocols during a crisis, and how to create optimal reunification plans and strategies for managing the district post-emergency.
Learner-Centered Innovation: Creating the Conditions for Meaningful Change
Dr. Katie Martin, Altitude Learning

The future of education will require new school models, new approaches for teaching and learning, and innovative leaders who can create the conditions for meaningful change. In this interactive design session, participants will dive into the essential components of learner-centered education, and engage in collaborative activities to empathize, ideate, and design learning experiences that will accelerate the shift to effective and empowering learning experiences for all students. 
 Leading with an Equity Lens for School Improvement
Dr. Roger Cleveland, Eastern Kentucky University

Through exercises, discussions, and presentations, participants will strengthen their knowledge of strategies and tools to achieve education equity. We will examine the concept of education equity efforts that move beyond merely valuing diversity and inclusion. This session will assist educational leadership to create an equitable organizational culture. We will discuss how leading with an equity lens is an essential component of a strategy for school improvement.

Let's Get Digital!
Beth Houf, Middle School Principal in Missouri and Co-Author of Lead Like a Pirate: Make School Amazing for Your Students and Staff
Join Beth as we explore digital tools to enhance both the instructional leadership and management responsibilities of the principal. We will dive into PLN's, social media, Web 2.0 applications, blogging and much, much MORE Bring your devices and be ready to CONNECT!
The Student Leadership Challenge®
Gary Morgan, Gary Morgan & Co., and the Student Leadership Excellence Academy

The Student Leadership Challenge® is grounded in the same extensive research as the classic Leadership Challenge products and programs that were created by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner for use with adult learners in organizations, executive development, and graduate-level programs around the world. With a unique focus on younger learners, The Student Leadership Challenge® has been consistently proven to liberate the leader in every student or young person—regardless of age and experience.
Educator Misconduct: It's Not an Event, But Rather a Process
Dr. Troy Hutchings, NASDTEC
We tend to think of misconduct as an event, a line that gets crossed. In reality, it's a process so gradual that people don't always notice, and that is why well-intentioned laws and policies intended to stop educator misconduct can only do so much. Ironically, the most compassionate and successful educators are often the most at risk for missteps. This presentation will focus on the premise that all P-12 educators are susceptible to decision-making that may lead to incremental boundary violations. Case studies, research, and models of understanding will be utilized to examine the slippery slope that defines the process.

School Crisis Liability
Scott Poland, Nova University
Practitioners in the schools–including administrators, support personnel, and teachers–face a myriad of complex issues when a crisis occurs, exposing them to potential criticism and legal liability. This training reviews cases where school personnel have been sued over issues such as failure to obtain parental consent before telling students the truth about a crisis situation, and analyzes legal action against school personnel for failure to notify parents when students were known to engage in self-injury or suicidal behavior. Participants will review key issues, court decisions, best practice suicide postvention, and discuss legal consequences of inadequate threat assessment in schools.

Building Trust: A Vital Skill for Successful Leadership
Stephen M.R. Covey, Covey Leadership Center
Engage with Stephen M. R. Covey as he provides deeper insight to his keynote message focused on the importance of building trust with those you serve.  Over the years, Mr. Covey has gained considerable influence with executives and leaders of Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations.  Clients recognize his unique perspective on real-world issues based on his practical experience as a CEO.  This will be the opportune time for questions and one-to-one conversation with this internationally recognized and respected leader.
10 Tips for a Happy & Healthy Workday
Shonna Storz, Registered Dietitian & Yoga/Pilates Instructor

Join Shonna to learn simple and easy ways to have a healthier mind and body. Topics will include nutrition, posture, movement and stress reduction. Come learn what a difference a few simple changes to your day can make on your health and mental wellbeing!