2018-19 Application Accepted through November 1

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We are honored that you have chosen to apply for acceptance into the 2019 cohort of Kentucky Women in Education Leadership. This is a prestigious program for women who want to be part of a community of professional women education leaders, grow self-confidence through personal leadership growth and mentorship, and want support in career advancement. Twenty-five aspiring leaders will be selected to participate this year. 

To participate, you must meet the following criteria:

• You are a KASA member in good standing (Not a member, join today)
• Your superintendent is aware of your intent to participate in the program (his/her signature is required to complete application)

How to submit your application:

Step 1 
Call (800) 928-5272 or email mary@kasa.org to begin the application process, confirming your commitment to the program. 
Once this step is completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete steps 2 and 3.  

(Note: There is a $59 commitment fee, and if selected there will be an additional registration fee of $279 for the January 17-18 forum.)

Step 2
Print Application Form and complete the following:

Career Aspirations
Using no more than two single-spaced 8.5 X 11 typewritten pages, respond to each of the questions below. (Please use the question as a heading for each response.) 

Question 1:
 Why are you considering an executive level leadership position (either school- or district-level)? Include the contributions you would like to make to the field. 

Question 2: Describe the skills, dispositions, experiences, and traits you possess that would make you an attractive leader candidate to a district. Your answer should help the reader know you as an administrator. 

Letters of Recommendation: 
Two letters of recommendation must accompany your application (one that demonstrates personal character and one that demonstrates professional excellence). Note: one of these letters must come from your direct supervisor.

Step 3
Submit completed application on our before November 1. Instructions on how to upload documents were sent to you after completing step 1. If you did not receive an email, please call Mary Brown at (800) 928-5272 or email mary@kasa.org.

Additional Questions:
Call the KASA office at (800) 928-5272