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Education Sessions

Tentative List of Sessions 


Certification Options (expanding flexibility)
EPSB Fit for Duty    
Employee Wage and Hour    
Addressing Students and Personnel with Trauma    
Federal Legislation Updates     
OEA - Investigations Report     
School Nutrition - Maximizing Funds - How You Feed Kids, How to Get People to Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch     
Dealing with Attendance Issues by Setting the Culture     
State and Local Revenue Sources/Bonding Process     
Successful Tax Ballot Initiative for the Nickel Tax     
New Requirements in School Design      
Process Improvement Performance Excellence      
Setting Employee Expectations     
Reinforcing Employee Expectations     
Upholding Employee Expectations     
Blurred Lines: Protecting Educators from Social Media Mishaps     
The Leadership Challenge: Enabling Others to Act     
Taking the Lead: A Session for Aspiring Superintendents     
Useful MUNIS Reports - Tips and Tricks     
*Others will be added as they are scheduled