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Education Sessions


Thursday, March 4, 2021

9:00 a.m.
The Locus of Local Control: State Versus School District Authority
Our nation has a long history of local control of public education, so where does local control ultimately reside? This presentation dives deeper into the true meaning of local control and a number of legal issues arising between school districts and state governments across the country as they wrestle with this concept. Specifically, the discussion will address current controversies between local school boards and state officials. These areas include hotly disputed issues such as school finance, charter schools, voucher programs and accountability standards. 
John Borkowski and Aleks Rushing, Husch Blackwell LLP Education Group
10:20 a.m. EPSB - Current Initiatives and Case Reviews
General updates from EPSB attorney Cassie Trueblood, including current initiatives, case reviews, and informative guidance. 
Cassie Trueblood, EPSB
  Materials Matter
In a world where teachers can access instructional resources with a simple Google search, how can we know what is high quality and what is not? In this session participants will learn about the barriers teachers and schools face in choosing high quality instructional resources, how EdReports is changing the way schools review and choose curriculum, and the roles and responsibility SBDM has in addressing how the school’s curriculum will be determined and developed.  
Jenni Aberli, Jefferson County Schools & Jana Bryant, Daviess County Schools 
  Federal Education Update
In this session, AASA’s top policy analyst provides an overview of the latest goings on with Congress and the administration and how policies being considered could impact your school.  
Noelle Ellerson Ng, AASA
  Winning Tribunal Strategies
Wayne Young shares his experience with the Kentucky tribunal hearing process for certified personnel in this informative session.  Historical data, effective approaches, and procedural strategies will be shared. 
Wayne Young, KASA
  How to Wake Up with Energy and Focus and Improve Productivity
Learn the techniques used by successful and highly respected leaders to increase energy and focus to start your day. Combine this focus along with a few simple strategies to increase your productivity so you can get out of the 'Never Enough Time' mindset and meet your goals!
Shonna Storz, MS, RD 
  COVID Legislation & Its Effect On Employee Benefits Program
This session focuses on end-of-year COVID-19 relief options that still apply to your employee benefits program as well as also learning about the recent legislation which aims to create relief for Flexible Spending Accounts.
Megan Garton, Territory Development Executive American Fidelity 
 11:30 a.m. The Ins and Outs of Title IX: Legal Compliance and Beyond
In light of heightened awareness, shifting guidance, and a rise in investigations, school districts are faced with challenges resolving alleged incidents of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and gender equity. This program will discuss the changes in the applicable regulations, as well as discuss scenarios involving complex or "gray areas" of Title IX.  
John Borkowski, Aleks Rushing, and Amanda Clapp, Husch Blackwell, LLP Education Group
  High School / Middle School Athletics Update
On the heels of one of the more challenging periods in KHSAA history, hear the most updated information about upcoming events, new regulations, and current legal issues regarding Kentucky interscholastic sports.
Chad Collins, KHSAA 
  Navigating Kentucky’s Alternative Pathways to Certification
This session will discuss the eight routes to alternative certification, as well as explore other pathways available to fill critical needs within school districts, including the Proficiency Evaluation route, the CA-HQ route, Emergency certification, and Emergency Non-Certified subs. 
Crystal Hord, KY Department of Education Division of Educator Licensure & Quality 
  Providing Opportunity: Legal Guidance on Equity and Access for Marginalized Students
This session examines recent statutory and case law guidance impacting students in protected classes. Schools are provided guidance on policies and practices that maximize opportunity and access for all students. The session also highlights existing policies and practices that have been shown to limit opportunity and access for historically marginalized students.
Dr. Greg Vincent and Dr. Sarah LaCour, UK College of Education, Civil Rights Center 
   Leading a School Finance Turnaround
Fairview Independent Schools faced an enormous financial shortfall when Jackie Risden-Smith assumed the superintendent's role.  Hear how she courageously took ownership, made difficult decisions, implemented new policies and practices, and improved the districts standing to what is now - a solid bottom line - capable of supporting the educational needs of her students.    
Jackie Risden-Smith, Superintendent, Fairview Ind Schools 
  The #1 Stress Reduction Technique Everyone Needs to Master
Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illness, burnout, chronic pain, depression and anxiety and general unhappiness with life. Discover how and why this one simple technique can greatly reduce your levels of stress, in the moment, as well as the long term effects with regular practice.
Shonna Storz, MS, RD 
 1:15 p.m. Winning Tribunal Strategies
Wayne Young shares his experience with the Kentucky tribunal hearing process for certified personnel in this informative session.  Historical data, effective approaches, and procedural strategies will be shared. 
Wayne Young, KASA
  Kentucky Assessment Update
As the pandemic continues to impact schooling, testing has become a central concern for all public school educators. At this always informative session, hear the most current news and directions for the state assessment process set to begin in the spring.  
Rhonda Sims & Jennifer Stafford, KDE  
  Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Courts: Supreme Court Decisions on FAPE and Administrative Exhaustion
In 2017 the United States Supreme Court issued two landmark decisions in the area of special education law: Endrew F. v. Douglas County Schools and Fry v. Community Schools. This presentation will address what effect Endrew F and Fry have had on school districts in meeting the FAPE standard with respect to implementation of IEPs. The presentation will then look at how Courts have intepreted exhaustion when applying the test set out in Fry.
Mary Ann Stewart, Adams Law, PLLC 
  March Madness/Nickel Madness
This session will discuss the eight routes to alternative certification, as well as explore other pathways available to fill critical needs within school districts, including the Proficiency Evaluation route, the CA-HQ route, Emergency certification, and Emergency Non-Certified subs. 
Chay Ritter, KDE, Chip Sutherland, Carroll Boyd, Kelly Mrsic, Baird & Co. 
  10 Tips for a Happy & Healthy Workday
Learn simple and easy ways to have a healthier mind and body. Topics will include nutrition, posture, movement and stress reduction. Try a few effective stretches you can do at your desk to decrease the physical tension on your body from stress and sitting long hours. Practice simple deep breathing and mediation techniques to reduce stress and increase mental alertness and focus. Come learn what a difference a few simple changes to your day can make
Shonna Storz, MS, RD 
 2:25 p.m. Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook
Dr. Joseph Erardi, retired superintendent from Newtown, Conn., will share lessons learned from the December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. As part of this interactive session, you'll learn best proactive practices, the importance of safety-related partnerships, and the critical need for updated and understandable safety information in your school district. Attendees will learn how to improve their present plan and response protocols during a crisis, and how to create optimal reunification plans and strategies for managing the district post-emergency.
Joe Erardi, JE Consulting  
  Redbook Issues and Answers
Come hear how to matriculate the changes necessary to keep your district compliant with Redbook regulations.  Steve Lyles will cover regulatory matters and common issues that hold the potential to create management points on your annual financial audit.  
Steve Lyles, KDE 
  Navigating for Answers
One of the state's most respected human resources leaders, Jon Ballard (former Superintendent, Elizabethtown Independent Schools) shares his insights on how to navigate board policy, administrative regulations, and statutes when faced with situations that need informed decisions to be made.
Jon Ballard
  Relationships First: A Leaders Journey to Year-Round Advocacy

Strong personal and on-going relationships are key to influencing policy decisions and legislation regarding public education. These relationships remind our state senators and representatives all year long, not just during the legislative session, that the investments they make in public education have a lasting impact on our schools, school districts, and communities and society at large.

Attend this session to learn first-hand:

  1. How to become a trusted friend and invaluable resource to your elected officials
  2. The legislative process and how it works
  3. What advocacy looks like in one school district
  4. How KASA links relationships, process, and advocacy to its governmental relations program each day

Join Supt. Nick Carter (Breckinridge), DPP Mike Ford (Boone), Principal Melissa Turner (Floyd), and Executive Director Rhonda Caldwell (KASA) to learn the critical role you play in legislative advocacy and how you can make a difference through KASA.

 3:30 p.m. Keynote Address | Need to Know Law
An update on recent court cases and other school law developments from Kentucky and around the country.
Charles Cagle, Lewis Thomason Law Firm & Wayne Young, KASA  

Friday, March 5, 2021

9:00 a.m. Professional Ethics for Educators: Informing a Standard-of-Care for the Profession
Make no mistake about it, “ethics” is a loaded word. The mere mention of ethics often results in value laden discussions of what is considered right or wrong. When placed within the context of a profession, however, ethics acknowledges the complexities inherent within a practitioner’s work and is meant to serve as a guide in nuanced situations. This presentation will build a case that in our profession, like in other fiduciary professions, ethics should be a higher threshold than law. Educator decision-making is not always about right and wrong, but rather how to operate within the gray. 
Dr. Troy Hutchings, NASDTEC 
 10:20 a.m. Booster Club Best Practices 
Booster clubs are “external” organizations to the school district under law, but they depend on a positive working relationship with the school and school district. The conduct of their business – for better or worse – has a direct impact on students and can be a reflection on the school district. This session will offer tips and strategies for making the operation of booster clubs a benefit to the schools and students they support. 
Wayne Young, KASA
  Event Management and Security: Considerations and Best Practices
School environments are ever-evolving, particularly in recent months with an ongoing pandemic. This session will discuss ways to manage event safety and security in local school districts adhering to COVID-19 protocols, while maintaining an event atmosphere conducive to community connection. In addition, we will discuss safety and security best-practices to ensure high-quality event presentations on campus post pandemic and beyond.
Chris Barrier & Brandon Watkins, Montgomery County Schools
  KDE Legal Update
This session will provide current information from KDE's General Counsel regarding state education issues, policies, regulations, and important actions impacting all public schools in the state.  
Todd Allen, KDE  
  Ready, Set, Caution: Getting ahead of Compliance in Special Education
Are you ready to meet the demands in the diverse field of special education? This session will help steer you through the maze of compliance that you may face concerning the education of children with disabilities. Laws, rules, and regulations can be overwhelming, and understanding how to navigate the accountability system will keep your district in compliance and ensure students with disabilities receive FAPE. Come join Kim Chevalier on a 60-minute journey through the pitfalls of IDEA!
Kim Chevalier, Chief of Exceptional Children, Jefferson County Public Schools 
 11:30 a.m. Embrace the Gray!
Research indicates that few educators have been prepared in educator ethics, yet they are expected to address the academic, personal and social needs of society’s most vulnerable population. This not only places the educator in a place of vulnerability, it also changes the dynamic of the teacher-student dyad.  Therein lies the greatest of ironies – those educators that care the most may be the most vulnerable to missteps. This interactive session will explore the complexities of professional decision-making through lively discussion, authentic case studies, and using the Model Code of Ethics for Educators as a tool to curate ethics discussions. 
Dr. Troy Hutchings, NASDTEC 
  School Threat Assessment: Navigating Over and Under Reactions to Student Threats of Violence
Grounded in Kentucky's School Safety and Resiliency Act, this session will equip participants with an overview of the Comprehensive Student Threat Assessment Guidelines. Beyond regulatory compliance, the session will demonstrate how school threat assessment can reduce liability exposure and most importantly, maximizes student safety. The session will include time for a conversation to support district readiness that is framed within NIRN's Hexagon Exploration Tool. Participants will receive resources to support local training and record keeping.
Jim Feger, Regional Behavior Consultant, Greater Louisville Education Cooperative 
  OEA Update:  Investigations and Studies
This presentation will provide an overview and update of OEA’s investigative and research activities, and information about OEA work processes. Topics will include: frequent themes in complaints and resolution of complaints that are substantiated, OEA’s 2020 research, and OEA’s 2021 study agenda.
Dr. Bart Liguori, OEA Research Division Manager & Bryan Jones, OEA Investigations Division Manager