2017 Fred Award Finalists

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KASA will announce its 10th Fred Award recipient at the Annual Leadership Institute, July 28 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville.

Kathy Fryman, Custodian, Augusta Independent Schools – Kathy Fryman has been called the matriarch of the Augusta Independent Schools family. Her heart for others also gives her titles like therapist, nurse and friend in addition to custodian. Members of the community, parents and students call Fryman at home when they need inside the building to acquire forgotten homework, lunch boxes or uniforms. They are always met at school with keys, a warm smile and encouraging words.

When teachers, staff members or students mention something they like to Fryman, that item will often appear on a teacher’s desk or in a student’s backpack. The author of her nomination letter says that if Augusta School employees were asked who helped them become successful they would often answer with the name Kathy Fryman. The letter also states “she has a unique way of making others feel nurtured, comforted and cared for like a mother or grandmother.”

When a fellow custodian started a two-month medical leave after a surgical procedure, Fryman insisted the district not hire a substitute because she was capable of covering both jobs until he returned to work. She officially retires from the district after 29 years of service on June 30, 2017.

Sandra Harrison, Family Resource Center Coordinator, Pike County Schools – There is no money in the Bevins Elementary School budget for the Family Resource Center. However, Sandra Harrison finds a way to ensure that her students’ needs do not go unmet. Lack of jobs in the area’s coal industry has caused many families to be in need of assistance for items such as school supplies, health care and even food. Harrison helps fulfill all of those needs with her ability to reach out to the community and ask for help and to seek out grants. She reached out to Kits for Kidz and received 300 free school supply kits for students. She then helped the district’s four other schools acquire similar grants for more than $20,000 in school supplies.

Harrison prepared a spaghetti dinner for a school family simply because she felt they could benefit from a hot meal. She has also spent weekends working on a program which brought coats, toys, clothing, food, etc. to more than 700 children in the community. The author of her nomination letter says, “Sandy is focused on removing non-academic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success.”
Connie Wolford, Kindergarten Instructional Assistant, Russell County Public Schools – Connie Wolford may take the word assistant to a new level. In her school district, instructional assistants are only asked to work during instructional time. However, that is not the way “Ms. Connie” operates. She comes to her classroom early each day and helps students prepare for a fun day at school and stays to ensure they get to their bus or parents safely.

She also volunteers at the school’s culture fair and the annual book fair. Wolford makes sure students get to where they need to be during the district-wide Christmas play. The author of her nomination letter says Wolford doesn’t just take the class to the restroom and stand there. She helps each child button, zip, tie and do whatever is needed to help them not be disheveled. Ms. Connie also has been known to barter at the lunch table. For example, she may advocate for a special needs student who has difficulty chewing and trade for softer food items from other students. She delivers meals to the elderly with fellow church members and orders flowers for ill or bereaved members of the community. She is also a devoted wife, daughter, mother and grandmother.