The Student Leadership Challenge®

Even if your students don’t identify themselves as leaders, everyone has the potential to lead.

If you’re engaged in liberating the leadership potential in today’s young people—we welcome you to explore The Student Leadership Challenge®. From student-centered books and the 360-degree Student Leadership Practices Inventory to professional development workshops for student leadership educators like you, you’ll find tools and resources designed specifically to help you inspire, encourage, and develop the next generation of leaders.
The Student Leadership Challenge® is grounded in the same extensive research as the
 classic Leadership Challenge products and programs that were created by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner for use with adult learners in organizations, executive development, and graduate-level programs around the world. With a unique focus on younger learners, The Student Leadership Challenge® has been consistently proven to liberate the leader in every student or young person—regardless of age and experience. 

Photos: Students from George Ro
gers Clark High School (Clark County) and Ben Johnson Elementary School (Breckinridge County) participating in team leadership activities.

For resources or more information about The Student Leadership Challenge®, contact Rhonda Caldwell, CAE , Ed.D., or Lisa Ducker at (800) 928-KASA.