Defining Boundaries: The Case for Professional Ethics With
Dr. Troy Hutchings
Educator boundaries are assumed to be clearly established bright red lines. But we often speak of boundaries not just in terms of policy, but also using language that infers “common-sense-everyone-should-know-better.” This in-person, interactive presentation will deconstruct previously held assumptions regarding boundaries and build the case that both perspectives fail to consider the nuanced complexities and competing tensions regularly facing educational personnel. 

We tend to think of misconduct as an event as a line that gets crossed. In reality, it’s a process so gradual that people don’t always notice, and that is why well-intentioned laws and policies intended to stop educator misconduct only can do so much. Ironically, the most compassionate and successful educators are often most at risk for missteps. This presentation will focus on the premise that all P-12 educators are susceptible to decision-making that may lead to incremental boundary violations. Case studies, research, and models of understanding will be utilized to examine the slippery slope that all educators must avoid. 

This session speaks directly to the school districts responsibility to advise and guide staff on the dangers of unethical behaviors and that to avoid legal liability, districts must assure that all employees are aware of behavioral expectations, particularly as it relates to inappropriate relationships.

Dr. Hutchings is the Senior Policy Advisor for the National Association for the State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC). He has a record of full-time teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities at the university level spanning 15 years, and has also served as a high school teacher, administrator and coach in public and private schooling environments for an additional 16 years.  He researches, writes, and speaks in the areas of professional ethics, educator misconduct, and frameworks for an ethical and legal teaching practice. He presents to various state and national policy and practitioner groups across the United States and Canada. Hutchings also provides expert witness testimony in judicial hearings; collaborates on policy initiatives with state, federal and provincial agencies; and has been the subject matter expert on a variety of national projects dealing with educator ethics including the Model Code of Ethics for Educators and the National Council for the Advancement of Educator Ethics.
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January 28, 2022
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST
KASA Training Center, Frankfort

Six hours of EILA credit provided upon completion of this workshop.

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