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Mike Mason

Never a Tumbleweed
Learn how to navigate the tumble weeds of life—those uncertain origins and unknown destinations moving through your school community at the mercy of the wind. . 
From the FBI’s #4 ranking director to school bus driver, Mike will share the secret to staying motivated, enthusiastic and positive every single day.
The life of a school leader is filled with daily challenges, obstacles, and crises that lead to professional and personal burnout that is often irreversible. 
Mike, In spite of being knocked down, burned out, and unmotivated, flourished with the FBI and later with Verizon as its global security director. Regardless of the hundreds of  “tumble weeds” that blew in his path, he remained effective and always moved forward. No textbook solutions, but rather real-life stories that illustrate how he consistently maintained a positive attitude throughout his professional career and today as a special education, door-to-door school bus driver.    
You’ll leave this session focused on your career with practical life-applications. Mike’s take on life and the spirit of esprit de corps he embraces will be certain to keep you fully engaged.


Dr. Eve Miller

What does neuroscience have to do with staff wellness? 

Never has there been a greater need for school leaders to focus on wellness for themselves, their staff, and the students and school communities they serve.   
Don’t miss Dr. Miller’s keynote address to learn how to apply the latest wellbeing neuroscience and connect it to powerful and realistic practices to help you more effectively manage stress, build resilience, and maintain a positive outlook.
Leave this session with foundational wellness practices that neuroscientific research has found to be key to long-term well-being and best practices to deepen your learning of how to harness the brain’s natural tendency towards resilience.

Dr. Eve Miller, a cognitive neuroscientist from the University of Utah is Franklin Covey’s Director of Research. While her work has focused on diverse populations such Alzheimer’s disease patients, homeless families, fighter pilots, Eve’s real research passion is education. She believes when educators are empowered with effective paradigms and practices they will be a force for good in the lives of their school communities. She views her work as an imperative to provide the best tools and knowledge available to educators.  

Learn more about Dr. Eve Miller 


Chad Littlefield
Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter

How many questions do you ask in a day?

In a world where answers are cheap and we can easily ask Google the distance from Timbuktu to Kathmandu, Chad Littlefield, TEDx speaker and best selling author, will share how the questions we ask matter more than ever. Questions are one of the lowest cost and most underutilized tools to create a deeply engaged culture where everyone feels seen, heard, and understood. 
During this high impact, and engaging closing session, you will:
   Takeaway instantly practical tools to ask smarter questions that can transform transactions into memorable interactions
   Get best practices to foster a culture of contribution-not just consumption
   Experience the essential mindsets and tools from the Ask Powerful questions Pyramid to build and maintain relationships of trust

Chad Littlefield is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me, Inc. (—an organization whose mission is to create conversations that matter. Leaders call Chad when they want to amplify connection, belonging, and trust in their organization. Forbes calls Chad a “global expert on asking questions that build trust and connection in teams.” He is a TEDx speaker, author of the Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections, and creator of We! Connect Cards,which are now being used to create conversations that matter on campuses and companies in over 80 countries around the world. Most recently, Chad and his partner Will Wise launched their new book, Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter, now a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

Chad has led workshops, trainings, retreats, and interactive keynotes at JetBlue, Starbucks, Conscious Capitalism International, Johnson & Johnson, Penn State, Notre Dame, George Mason University, Typeform, Goodwill, and dozens of conferences. Feel free to follow Chad via video beforehand through his interactive learning letter right here:


Event Emcee and Closing Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz

Jon Petz, the Bore No More guy, returns as the event emcee!

Professionally, Jon is a former corporate executive who followed his passion and now performs around the world as an inspirational speaker, event emcee, and comedy magician. He uses his amazing art of performance, inspiring stories, and unique "Its Showtime" performance philosophy to bring home the belief and very real desire to create greater impact in what we do and with the people we do it for.

As an effective meetings expert, Jon consults associations and organizations on empowering their team to create meetings that have focus and results. He is the author of Significance in Simple Moments, Boring Meetings Suck, and Unlocking the Secrets (DVD), and Best of the Best.