Concurrent Education Session

More than 60 education session will be offered Thursday, July 27 in concurrent 60-minute time slots. Sessions will be offered at 7:15 a.m. (early bird), 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. (Lunch-N-Learn), 1:30 p.m., and 3:40 p.m. EDT.  These sessions will equip and inspire participants to use tools that can be implemented immediately within the school or district level, inspire positive change to the profession, foster new collaborations and networks among education leaders, influence how the world sees the field, and more! Strands include:  

1. Designing Innovative Learning
Opportunities and Assessments


2. Constructing a Positive Culture
for Students, Staff, and Families



4. Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences


5. Addressing Change in the Workforce 


6. Safety 

7.Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships   8. Building a Culture of Acceptance   9. Advocacy

Early Bird Sessions
The following concurrent sessions will be offered at 7:10 a.m. prior to the general session. Breakfast will be available in the meeting rooms.

Kentucky School Law Update
Join KASA's general counsel for an important session on state and federal law changes and other issues that impact Kentucky schools and the administrators who lead them.
Presented by: Wayne Young, KASA

On Time and Ready to Learn: Decreasing Tardies and Boosting Engagement 
In this early-morning session (which will start right on time!), participants will learn how to structure you school to reduce tardies, increase instructional engaged time, and increase positive interactions between staff and students. Whether it is addressing those students who come late to school each day, or these students who trickle into class after the bell throughout the day, learn practical strategies for helping address this common and often frustrating problem.
Presented by Jessica Sprick, Safe & Civil Schools
Provided by KY Council for Children with Behavioral 
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessment

Concurrent Education Sessions
Concurrent Education Sessions will be in 60-minute time slots offered at 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. (Lunch-N-Learn), 1:30 p.m., and 3:40 p.m. EDTSpecific times and meeting rooms will be added at a later date.

Circles: An Engineered Path to Growing Empathy

Circles are an ancient tribal practice stretching back over 400,000 years. They are designed for listening, sharing, and creating communities through security and small shared moments of vulnerability. Sweethearts & Heroes believes incorporating Circles into your school's daily culture is a vital necessity. Over the past decade, this duo has innovated their unique and signature culture and community-building Circles to help individuals and groups grow empathetically and learn to cope with everyday challenges, bringing benefits academically, professionally, and socially. Join Tom Murphy and discover how Circles build the "human skills" many of us have begun to lose in our increasing technological and emotionally disconnected world. Infused with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills, learning how Circles germinate empathy and compassion in both students and educators through intentional and measurable means.
Presented by: Tom Murphy, Sweethearts and Heroes
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

Addressing Absenteeism in the age of Deeper Learning
As leaders, we are all facing issues with student absenteeism. This session will dig into tiered, research-based strategies for leaders to implement in their buildings immediately! 
Presented by: Renee B. Hibbard; Annie Conner, Southeast South-Cental Education Cooperative
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

Empowering Administrators to Use School-based Mental Health Providers Effectively
Currently, most districts have a variety of school-based mental health providers including school counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and school-based therapists. It may be confusing what each of their true role is within the school or district. Attendees will learn how to navigate each of the provider's roles and responsibilities within their schools to ensure student success and legislation surrounding these providers. Statewide data will be shared in the regard to use of time and responsibilities of each to show how Kentucky is progressing in services for students. Success stories will also be shared from districts who are advancing and changing how they utilize each provider to provide a model of implementation.
Presented by: Heather Bushelman, KY Dept. of Education
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

The Transformative Power of Student Voice to Drive Deeper Learning and Elevate School Culture
Are student engagement, teacher retention, and personalized professional learning top priorities in your school/district? Research shows that improving student engagement leads to better educational outcomes, but we struggle to measure student engagement and use it to inform teaching practice. This session introduces a new approach that elevates student voice to provide insight on learner engagement and create a deeper student learning experience, while building stronger student-educator relationships and developing learner agency.
Presented by: Mike Stacey, Ed.D., Beechwood Ind. Schools; Nona Ullman, Learning Loop; Randy Poe, Ed.D., National Center for Transformational Leadership Strategies
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

Recruit, Reassure, Retain "Supporting New Teachers" 
Today, more than ever, districts are challenged with filling classrooms with qualified teachers. This session will demonstrate the steps that Floyd County Schools have taken to recruit qualified teachers, reassure them by meeting their needs; and retaining them by investing in them creating a system of support for all new teachers. Participants will learn concepts of how teachers work closely with mentors within the district and how the District Instruction Team works with each school by providing an umbrella of support. This session will offer specific new teacher resources that are essential to meeting teacher needs in today's classrooms. Teacher shortage today is becoming more and more difficult to combat in school districts. By effective recruiting and reassuring by meeting needs, districts will be more prepared to retain qualified teachers thus having a positive impact upon student teaching and learning in their respective districts.
Presented by: Rachel M. Crider; Nikki Gearheart; Serena Anderson, Floyd Co. Schools
structing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

The Crittenden Rockets are Soaring into the Future with District Strategic Planning
Our collaboratively developed Crittenden County Public Schools district strategic plan has established a common purpose for our organization and constituents, while focusing our efforts and constructing a positive, productive organizational culture for students, staff, families, and our community.
Presented by: Tonya Driver, Crittenden Co. Schools
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

Discover Your Superpower: Developing Leadership and Social-Emotional Skills with Global Game Changers
Join us to learn about Global Game Changers’ research-based, innovative, and FREE Pre-K through 5th grade Student Empowerment Program. Using interactive activities, learn how we use superheroes, service learning, leadership, and talent development as tools to nurture children’s social, emotional, and academic growth in-school, afterschool, and at-home to ensure lifelong success. Explore our online educator portal, receive engaging tools, and have access to our FREE teacher-tested turnkey curriculum that includes professional development and evaluation resources.
Presented by: Heather French Henry; Anne Walker; Jan Helson, Global Game Changers
Constructing a Positive Culture for Students, Staff, and Families

Adversity: "Make it the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You"
It’s a difficult thing to turn what we perceive as negatives into positives. We often look at the challenges we face as setbacks and concentrate on what we’ve lost rather than the opportunities adversity presents. Rick has endured hopelessness few will ever know, but he can honestly say his life is better now than it ever has been, even though it didn’t have to be. Holding on to the possibilities that existed after getting blown up in Iraq while serving our country was the hardest thing Rick ever did. Still, the only thing he would change about that day would be to bring back his fellow brother-in-arms and friend, Sergeant Luis Montes. While few of us will ever know what it means to be this hopeless, we all endure struggle and adversity at some level. Rick’s story, while tragic in parts, is not a story of tragedy. It is a story of HOPE, heart, and the resiliency of the human spirit. It proves that even in the darkest moments of your life, the seeds of greatness and happiness are planted … if you choose to see them. Today, Rick brings HOPE to millions of kids and adults across the country. Learn how Rick rediscovered his purpose, found the acceptance we all seek, and turned the most difficult thing that ever happened to him into the best thing that ever happened to him.
Presented by: Rick Yarosh, Sweethearts and Heroes

Changing Mindset of Individuals, Schools, Children, and Community
Academic failure is swarming the county and immersing all children in a lifetime of struggling. Something needs to be done! Dr. Miller has been in education for over 22 years and has developed systems that work to make sure young black and Hispanic children have the ability to achieve and reach college. In his previous placement, with the help of his team, they have consistently achieved graduation rates over 95 percent with 100 percent acceptance to college, and millions of dollars in scholarship money for over 97 percent of young men of color. Dr. Miller identifies several factors as to how We Can Do Better as individuals, families, communities, and as educators. Dr. Miller will teach how mindset is the key and what needs to be done to move it toward thinking like a champion, instead of allowing failure.
Presented by: Paul Miller, Urbane Education Alterations

From Strategic Planning to Implementation: How to Build Your DEIB Infrastructure from the Ground Up!
This session will describe steps taken at the district and school level to solidify strategies and practices for implementing sustainable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging structures. Participants will engage in collaborative conversation and analysis of innovative ideas and data-driven practices, leaving with a template for implementation at their school or district.
Presented by: Soraya Matthews, Ed.D.; Christian Adair; Lanisha Hostler; Melissa Stewart; Basel Touchan, M.D., Fayette Co. Schools

High Impact Communication
After working in the schools for 20 years, being married to a teacher for 26 years, and traveling all over the country speaking to students and staff, Scott understands the issues facing our schools today; and every one of those issues can be improved or made worse depending upon how we communicate. In this impactful presentation, Scott will teach you what you need to know to make sure you are heard in our noisy, cancel-culture world. Are you afraid of speaking up because you are concerned you will say the WRONG thing? This session is for you! Learn the tactics to speak up, share your message, and lead with confidence.
Presented by: Scott Harvey, Speaking of Harvey, Inc.

We Are All On Duty
With acts of mass violence spearheading the news cycle on a regular basis, especially in our educational institutions, school security is a topic that is on everyone’s radar. What do we need to do to keep everyone safe?  What signs do we need to recognize and where are the potential pitfalls that we need to avoid?  It will take ALL of us to take care of one another.  We must be vigilant, we must know and recognize the warning signs, and it is imperative that we work to build relationships. We Are All On Duty.
Presented by: Chele Gillon; Lori Downs, Barren Co. Schools

Safe School Partnership with Local Law Enforcement
With Schools and law enforcement agencies share responsibility for the safety of schools and the communities they serve. These partnerships are increasingly recognized as an essential component of safe school planning. Murray, Henderson, and Pulaski school districts have model programs and are among the best in the nation when it comes to strong safety plans, including reunification when an emergency occurs on campus.
Presented by: Ben Wilcox, State School Security Marshal; Wanda Absher, KCSS; Chad Thompson, Henderson Co.; Jerad Shehorn, Henderson Co. Police Department

You were notified of a tornado warning heading your way. It's dismissal time. You have different dismissal times: one for walkers, one for parent-pick up and one for buses. It is a very fast-moving tornado and you need to take action immediately. What do you do? a.) with the kids that have already boarded their buses but have not left campus yet, b.) what about parent pick up and c.) what about the walkers who have not been dismissed and remaining bus riders who have not yet boarded their buses?
Presented by: Jon Akers, KY Center for School Safety

Threat Redemption: A New Paradigm in School Safety
Safety remains a top concern for everyone connected to public education, especially among school and district leadership. Yet, several recent incidents point to an emerging type of school attack. In this session, the presenters will discuss the evolution of school safety in America, where safety trends are heading, plus share their own research and personal experience with a framework they term ‘Threat Redemption’. Come learn how your approach to leadership plays a significant role in keeping schools and the community safe.
Presented by: Damon Fleming, Ed.D.; Andy Belcher, Ed.D., Hopkins Co. Schools

Leading with Balance: Personal Wellness Takes Your Leadership to the Next Level
How often do you hear leaders say, "I just don't have time to take care of myself." Working longer should not be a badge of honor; working smarter should be, and leaders must care for themselves to best care for others. You must be healthy - physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually - if you are to give others your best and grow the trust, they have in you. And you can do it! This presentation provides concrete suggestions that can be employed starting tomorrow to set you on a course to feeling better yourself - and being better for others.
Presented by: Andrew Dolloff, Ph.D., Portland, Maine
Addressing Change in the Workforce

A Leadership Strategy: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First
The health and well-being of school leaders is often overlooked in literature, leadership preparation programs, and professional learning opportunities. School leaders are asked and encouraged to make the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff a priority, even as their own health and well-being are increasingly getting worse. School leaders will learn about practical strategies that can help them improve their health, well-being, and effectiveness as educational leaders.
Presented by: Brian Creasman, Ed.D., Fleming Co. Schools
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Everything You Need to Know about Chat GPT: The Hottest (and Scariest) Technology of 2023
Just a few months ago, a plain little website shared a free "Reasearch Preview" of ChatGPT, and the world as we know it changed forever. Chat GPT can write whole essays from a simple text prompt, formulate 100 social media post ideas from a single sentence, create computer code with just a description and compose poetry and songs in any artist's style in milliseconds. It'll create a summary from a long legal document, recommend resources for research and, by the time you read this, make your bed and bring you coffee. For school professionals, the capabilities are endless, as are the challenges. With this type of AI tool, there are ethical issues, legal issues, bias issues, quality issues, creativity issues, copyright issues, issues, issues... and issues we haven't even considered. Join Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, for an in-depth look at ChatGPT and similar tools to discover: Where did it come from? How does it work? What can it do? Who does it hurt? And, most importantly... how far can it go?
Presented by: Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Tech Tools for Serious Self Care
In the insanity of today's world, you're busier than ever with deals, kids, health checks, high stress and exhaustion. Even though you're being pulled in every direction by everyone and everything, if you don't take time to keep your head on straight, you won't be able to be the leader you are. Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, author/speaker Beth Z, for a nerd's take on self-care. Using today's technology, you can integrate tools and apps into your routine that will help you get more work done in less time. You'll discover resources to help you overcome the crippling effects of stress and overwork. And best of all, Beth Z's tools are free or darn cheap. This is the can't-miss program that will help you stay sane through the crises we're all facing. Update your ideas on what meditation is in the modern age with tech resources for specific, sanity-saving sessions. Discover easy tools that help you organize your day and manage your life, find ways to streamline and offload the time-sucking little tasks that drive you crazy. Understand your options for mental health maintenance online and on your schedule.
Presented by: Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Solving the Bus Driver Shortage Conundrum 
In a period of extreme bus driver shortages, Breckinridge County Schools has addressed its driver shortage by reducing its bus fleet and drivers by 36 percent over four years. Breckinridge is a huge county – 544 square miles – with a growing enrollment and 1300 students transported. Route optimization has made this possible. At $42,500 operating cost per bus, these efforts have saved the taxpayers in 2022-2023 $765,000 and will continue. 
Presented by: Nick Carter, Ed.D.; Michael Moreland; Mike Harned, Breckinridge Co. Schools; Bryan Wall, School Transportation Systems LLC
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Brain Hacks for Educators
Use your brain to make your job easier and yourself more productive. Brain imaging has allowed great insight into how our actions, thoughts and words effect our daily life. Using that insight can make a significant difference in how you live each day and interact with others. This presentation focuses on how you can be more productive by using your brain to choose your mood, stress, efficacy, view of others, and your self-image.
Presented by: Megan Garton; Joel McKenzie, American Fidelity
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Tackle Your Technology To-Do List (in 10 Minutes or Less!)
This is a bad day with technology: You can't find a file you need, you delete a file you need, you can't open a file you need, you forget the password to get to a file you need, the file you need is on a website that won't load. This is a good day with technology: Your Nerdy Best Friend teaches you ten-minute fixes for these issues and more! Author Beth Z is a technology therapist with solutions to some of life's most frustrating tech problems. This program highlights the top technological frustrations you share with other [industry] professionals and offers quick fixes that take 10 minutes or less to end your tech headaches and let you move on with your life.
Presented by: Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Psychological Aspects of COVID-19 on Education and Life: Progress and Resilience
The COVID-19 pandemic has infected over 31 million Americans resulting in over 560,000 deaths to date. Equally significant is the fact that nearly all Americans (333 million) have been affected psychologically and behaviorally. We have lived for over a year in an environment ripe with chronic stress that is known to negatively affect mental health, physical health, and brain health (learning). Indeed, the rise in mental health symptoms and disorders is significant and this is particularly true of children and young adults. Social isolation, limited peer interaction, increased sedentary behavior, reduced learning, poor nutritional intake, and loss of control has resulted in anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, sleep disorder, loneliness, loss of hope, and even suicidality. This session underscores the psychological impact of COVID-19 including its effects on the educational system, students, teachers, and families. Practical ideas are proposed for the education system to assist if not lead in underscoring the importance of mental health not only on learning but also on living.
Presented by: Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP, Brain Health Center, Inc.
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Brain Break and Mindful Movements
Take a short break to rejuvenate your mind and body with some deep breathing, meditation and gentle movements. Relieve strain on your neck, back and shoulders from sitting all day! Come as you are... no special clothing needed.

Presented by: Shonna Storz, MS, RD, Life in Balance
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Mindful Movement for Your Workday
Learn simple yoga poses (stretches) and breathing techniques you can do at your desk to decrease the stress and tension on your body from spending long hours at your desk. These movements will help reduce tension in your neck, shoulders, back, wrists, and hips and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to focus. Come as you are.. no special clothing needed.
Presented by: Shonna Storz, MS, RD, Life in Balance

Addressing Change in the Workforce

No Fail Recipe for Work-Life Balance: How to Avoid Burnout and Increase Focus, Productivity, and Fulfillment
Learn the techniques used by successful and highly respected leaders to balance the stresses of work and life, needed now more than ever. Implementing these tangible routines and habits is a sure-fire way to have more energy, focus, productivity, and be able to calmly tackle the stresses of work and life.
Presented by: Shonna Storz, MS, RD, Life in Balance
Addressing Change in the Workforce

The #1 Stress Reduction Technique Every Leader Should Master
Reducing your chronic stress has far reaching impacts in your work and home environments, Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illness, burnout, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and general unhappiness with life. Discover how and why this one simple technique can greatly reduce your levels of stress in the moment, as well as the long-term health and wellness benefits with regular practice. It's simple enough for children to learn that it can be implemented system wide.
Presented by: Shonna Storz, MS, RD, Life in Balance
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Collaborative P-12/Higher Ed Authoring of Books on Education Leadership
The Kentucky University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI) is a collaborative partnership between KDE and 13 colleges and universities in Kentucky. The group has recently published two books on school improvement, with a third due out in late 2023...Originally funded by the Wallace Foundation through a WKU grant, UPPI connects P-12 and higher ed education leadership initiatives. This session will feature the books UPPI had developed for supporting school leader colleagues in Kentucky.
Presented by: Rocky Wallace, Ed.D., Campbellsville University; Stephanie Sullivan, Ed.D., Murray State University; Ann Burns, Ed.D., Eastern KY University
Addressing Change in the Workforce

Tackling Attendance Challenges: Universal Prevention and Function-Based Intervention
Chronic absenteeism is a pervasive problem that is negatively impacting the academic and behavioral success of far too many students in our schools. In this session, participants will learn how to apply a multi-tiered approach, using universal prevention at the schoolwide and classwide level to boost the attendance of all students, and using functional-behavioral for Tier 2 and 3 interventions to support students with more resistant concerns. Participants will leave with a variety of samples from schools that have seen dramatic increases in student attendance using this multi-tiered approach.
Presented by: Jessica Sprick, Safe & Civil Schools
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Building Brain Healthy Schools and Districts
The human brain is the single greatest miracle ever designed. Weighing but three pounds, composed 60 percent fat and demanding 25 percent of the blood from each heartbeat, the brain serves as the origin of our very identity. Neuroscience has enabled a new understanding of the brain including neural plasticity. This talk will provide the fascinating story of the human brain to include brain-behavior relations. We now have the ability to shape our brains regardless of age and to build "brain resilience" capable of delaying onset of clinical symptoms related to disease. Dr. Nussbaum will teach his Brain Health Lifestyle® as an important approach to building brain health. The talk is designed to be informative, personal, and fun.
Presented by: Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP, Brain Health Center, Inc.
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Leveraging the Power of the Network: Driving continuous improvement by building improvement communities system-level problems require systematic solutions.
System-level problems require systematic solutions. This session will explore how schools and districts can build collaborative groups grounded in shared goals and practices that drive system-level improvement. Using a network of schools from Jefferson Co. Public School's Accelerated Improvement Schools zone as a case study, we show how a common working theory and a shared view of the system that produces the problems, along with school-specific changes, regular coaching, and monthly convenings promote system-level learning and improvement.
Presented by: Shawn Hinds, Ed.D.; Kristen Thomas, KY Dept. of Education
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Principal Leadership Practices: Leading for Global Competitiveness
Students need to be able to think critically, communicate effectively, and possess socio-emotional and language skills that allow them to effectively work with people in the United States and throughout the world. Currently, little evidence exists to demonstrate that high school graduates are prepared in school to compete on a global scale. What can school administrators do to influence the development of globally competent graduates? 
Presented by: Marjorie Johnson, Ed.S., Scott Co. Schools
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Using Stakeholder Feedback to Guide Organizational Excellence                      
Superintendent Rob Clayton and Warren County Public Schools share their experience and partnership with Studer Education to implement improvement practices that impact the entire system from the district to the classroom. Warren County will share their system for collecting data to create a plan of action through a six-step process: Diagnose, Plan, Improve, Monitor, Adjust, Reflect.  Warren County will share their journey on how they have and continue to transform their culture to build systems that give students their greatest chance for learning and success. 
Presented by: Rob Clayton; Melissa Stephanski, Ed.D.; Jason Kupchella, Warren Co. Schools
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Co-Teaching Tips for Administrators which Increase Outcomes and Build Morale in the School Community
In this interactive session, we will connect the recently published works involving effective co-teaching practices and specially designed instruction which supports students with disabilities yet can incidentally benefit all students; provide administrators with successful examples of key collaboration techniques within co-teaching networks that benefit teachers and students alike; and discover methods to implement immediately within classrooms which provide opportunities to celebrate trusting partnerships within the school community, positive student outcomes, and increased morale within schools.

Presented by: Debbie Mays, Ph.D.; Tricia Kitzmiller, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
Designing Innovative Learning Opportunities and Assessments

Moving Beyond the "Bless Your Heart" Mentality
In this session, Emily relates to the hardships teachers face day in and day out, while simultaneously reminding us that grit and compassion are the two most important traits an effective teacher must hold onto. When we fall prey to allowing difficulties to become an excuse for not giving our everything, we sell ourselves short of ever reaching the mission of education: helping every child reach success. By the end of this session, you will learn how to unlock the key to connecting with all kids, even those who seem unreachable, and you will be ready to retire the overused ‘bless your heart’ phrase and replace it with three powerful, life changing words: ‘whatever it takes’.
Presented by: Emily Paschel, ElemAPNetwork
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Leading with Trust
In order to provide long-term, effective leadership, leaders must ensure that every action and interaction fosters trust among and between all constituents. Accessing more than 30 years of observation and anecdotes of highly effective leaders - as well as those who have stumbled at times - the audience is engaged in a meaningful and entertaining overview of the steps they can take to begin building trust as soon as they return to their office/school/organization.
Presented by: Andrew Dolloff, Ph.D., Portland, Maine
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Second Chance Academy 
How one group of students changed our approaches to behavior intervention. Based on actual experience from our program, this session will prepare participants for building a mentor program that teaches coping, self-monitoring of behavior, and aspirations for the future. In this session, we will focus on strategies for establishing relationships and rapport with students in order to help manage behavior, increase attendance, and enhance student achievement. Participants will be given a blueprint for conducting one-on-one and small group meetings with identified students. 
Presented by: Corey Gee, Ed.D.; Kristen Bledsoe, Ed.S., Carter Co. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Beyond Compliance: Cultivating Collective Leadership around the 'WHY' of KyMTSS
This session focuses on current legislation and best practices of the Kentucky Multi-Tiered System of Support (KyMTSS) Framework. KyMTSS promotes the integration of system-level initiatives, supports, and resources under one comprehensive framework. Participants will expand KyMTSS understanding and explore implementation resources. Additionally, the session focuses on the leader's role in connecting compliance matters and best practices. Participants will consider the “why” of KyMTSS and how one comprehensive framework addresses the needs of the school community. 
Presented by: Melissa E. Wainwright, Ed.D., KY Dept. of Education; Susan Robertson, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Solving Two Major Problems in Schools Today: Improving Academic Interventions and Mental Well-being for Students 
Schools today are faced with students who are emotionally and academically distressed. This session focuses on building relationships at the staff and student levels, giving your teachers the qualitative data needed to be highly efficient, effective, and more motivated than ever. Johnson County will share their experience of working with the BARR program in a groundbreaking research study to meet the needs of students. If you want to grow your effectiveness in supporting students' SEL needs and deliver on academic targets, don't miss this session. 
Presented by: Noel Crum, Johnson Co. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Thriving While Surviving – 7 Ways to Grow Personally and Professionally in Difficulty 
What do leaders need to do to help people stay engaged and productive? Indeed, there are things employees need from leadership when things are going well, but what they need from leaders when things are not going well can make or break the organization.  This session explores five things that employees need during difficult times and what leaders need to do to meet those needs.
Presented by: Megan Garton; Joel McKenzie, American Fidelity
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Heart of Gratitude: Ballard Co. Schools Mission to Connect, Collaborate, and Celebrate
Ballard Co. Schools recently developed a new strategic plan where one major area focus was on gratitude and communication with staff, families, and community. This session will have Ballard Co. administration describing the process, the intentional conversations, and the use of surveys to tell their schools story through a heart of gratitude and increased communication among the stakeholders. 
Presented by: Kevin S. Estes; Casey Allen, Ed.D.; Tim Adams; Amber Parker; Chris Sheffer, Ballard Co. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

The Pathway To Clear Data
Are you a CTE Coordinator? DAC? High School Administrator? With post-secondary readiness as a component on accountability, whose job is it to “own” data? What structures do you need in place to ensure your school and district capitalizes on CTE programming? Join us to learn how Perkins, TEDS, and master scheduling go hand in hand with EOPs, Industry Certifications and Dual Credit opportunities.
Presented by: Martha Jones, Ed.D.; Jennifer Muncy, Ed.D., Fayette Co. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Equity Centered Leadership: A Simulation Exercise
In this session participants will engage in an interactive simulation where they will collectively take on the role of the principal of a middle school at the beginning of the school year and will need to work to determine root causes of and implement processes to address declining academic performance (especially in math) in your growing students of color population. They will have to deal with perceptions and biases that tend to cause students of color to feel disenfranchised and may limit their potential.
Presented by: Ken Spero, SchoolSims
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Be a Literacy Changemaker - Intentional Steps for Implementing Research-Based Instruction
We will highlight the importance of understanding the research behind a shift in literacy instruction and examine the change management needed to achieve your desired impact. We will explore systems and structures to support the change momentum in your buildings. Administrators from Henry County Public Schools will share best practices they learned from transitioning to the Science of Reading and selecting a high-quality instructional resource.
Presented by: Janise Lane; Whitney Chatterjee, Amplify; Chelsey Tingle, Henry Co. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Students as Agents in their Learning
Self-directed learners are agents in their learning. They are curious and open to new ideas, take an active, informed, and positive role in organizing, managing, evaluating, and adapting their learning strategies to optimize performances. Join this collaborative strategy session on practical approaches to instructional design and learning environments that build self-direction in students. Also, take a look at how to assess students' levels of self-direction to inform continuous improvement.
Presented by: Tai Faulkner; Michelle Lawrence, Northern KY Cooperative for Educational Services
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Supporting Adult Wellness - Beyond Self Care
Being an educator is stressful!! In this session, we will delve into ways to establish sustainable structures (or use existing ones) to create intentional opportunities for adults to CONNECT and Collaborate both personally and professionally, interacting in meaningful ways. We'll learn how to Connect colleagues to resources that will lead to personal wellness for everyone! Let's move beyond self-care to CELEBRATE social emotional competencies which will ultimately lead to academic success for our students!
Presented by: Linda Tyree, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

POG and Senior Internships: Providing Students with Vibrant, Personalized Opportunities Through Community Partnerships
This session will focus on the development of our Profile/Portrait of a Learner/Graduate, grade level defenses, and how those drive our Senior Internship Program, in which every senior student is a participant. These pieces provide our students with opportunities.
Presented by: Sheri Satterly; Shane Hecker, Frankfort Ind. Schools
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

Newport's Journey to Succeed through Connecting Student, Teacher, and Leader Voices
Learn how one district has intentional focus to make change for the better. Hear from Newport Ind. leadership on how they are transforming into a collaborative system to improve student learning, attendance, test scores, and student engagement. Participants will learn how Newport’s partnership with NWEA and the UChicago Impact and the 5Essentials System is creating and sustaining these coherent systems, processes, and practices to bring about success for all district stakeholders.
Presented by: Michael Ward, Ed.D.; Brenda Wilson, NWEA; Darla Payne, Newport Ind. Schools; Elliot Ransom, UChicago Impact
Establishing Strong and Viable Relationships

A WINning Model for MTSS 
Are your students missing core instruction time to go to Tier 2 and 3 intervention groups? What are you doing for your gifted students to make sure they are provided with enrichment opportunities? Join Lakewood Elementary as we celebrate our sixth year of implementing WIN (What I Need) Time-our MTSS model that provides a specific time and clear expectations for providing intervention and enrichment schoolwide.
Presented by: Shelee Clark; Shelly Kerr; Mary Beth Hodge, Hardin Co. Schools
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Creating Schools that Kids are Excited to Attend
Looking to break through at your school? Want to have that amazing school setting that so many hear about yet few can reach? Have a desire to have a lasting, deep impact at your school community? Collaborate, share, and grow with Andrew Marotta as he leads this powerful conversation about creating an amazing school setting. Topics include smile, humor, and finding the joy in it all, bringing amazing energy each day, creating student voice & choice, using technology & social media to tell your story, inspect what you expect, being present, being intentional, and build a beautiful school setting and keep it that way! You can't do it alone either. Andrew will brainstorm, converse, and share about not only strategies you can do as the leaders, and how to build collective commitments from stakeholders.
Presented by: Andrew Marotta, Port Jervis, NY
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Disabilities 
Specially Designed Instruction is a core element of providing special education services. As administrators, ensuring the provision of specially designed instruction for your students with disabilities will assist in closing achievement gaps and connect your students to success. This session will highlight the why's and what's, as well as connect you to tools for implementation within your school environment.
Presented by: Ramona Karsner; Laura Smith; Jane Goatley, Central KY Educational Cooperative
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

How to Elevate and Advance Your Educators to Become a School and District of Choice
Kentucky is facing a critical teacher shortage and according to recent statistics from the KY Dept. of Education, 72% of current teachers are at risk of leaving their jobs soon. Join us for a presentation where we’ll talk through innovative ways school districts are retaining and recruiting educators to become a district of choice.
Presented by: Dustin Howard, Clark Co. Schools; Ken Kippenbrock, Covington Ind. Schools
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

EDGE - A Model for Deeper Learning
Come learn about the Beechwood EDGE (Educational Design Geared towards Experience)! This program is a K-12 initiative for all students developed in conjunction with business and university partners. All students engage in challenge-based, experiential learning to develop skills that our students need to be better prepared for their future.
Presented by: Sarah Schobel, Ph.D.; Mike Stacy, Ed.D., Beechwood Ind. Schools
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

2-4-6-8, Let's Learn to Differentiate!!!
Differentiation seems like a daunting task, but in this session, participants will learn 4-5 effective methods to differentiate and help students get what they need to be successful.  Believe it or not, the strategies are easy to implement, give students a voice in their learning and highlight cooperative learning. There will be at least one example of how to differentiate by content, product and process. Don’t wait! Differentiate!
Presented by: Jeani Gollihue, Greenup Co. Schools
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Supporting Student and Teacher Success through 21st Century Learning and Flex-Space Seating
Come learn how 21st century learning concepts and Flex-Space seating work together to create effective, high-quality learning environments for students and teachers. The effects of Flex-Space seating in classrooms can be measured in several different ways and participants will leave with a better understanding of the benefits for students and instruction. You will hear from Todd County School District as they share their Flex-Space journey and the results of implementation.
Presented by: Mark Thomas, Todd Co. Schools; Jay Dudley, Lakeshore Learning Materials
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Match Made in Heaven
Too often, we hear that mathematics is one of the hardest subjects to implement deeper learning strategies but actually math and deeper learning are a match made in heaven. Join our team as we briefly explain the what and why of deeper learning and share strategies that should be used in K-12 math classrooms in order for students to practice skills while learning standards.
Presented by: Abby Griffy; Shannon Solomon; Christa Lemily, West KY Educational Cooperative
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Rethinking Math Milestones: The Make it or Break it Moments in Teaching and Learning
Math knowledge is evident and measurable from birth. Regardless of a learner’s sense of belonging in the math community, each one, with rare exception, is born for math. Join us to analyze innate ability and how to build a foundation for math. Examine four math milestones; the “make it or break it” moments in math teaching and learning. Sum it up with access to open resources that support exceptional math teaching and learning.
Presented by: Jan Bryan, Ed.D., Renaissance
Creating Vibrant Learning Experiences

Meeting the Needs of Black Students
Nationally, data shows disparate opportunity gaps for black students. This includes gaps in achievement, discipline, expectations, and access. In this session we will explore best practices for educating and engaging black students socially, emotionally and academically. Participants will learn how to become more responsive to black students' needs and implement TARGETED and SPECIFIC strategies across all grade levels.
Presented by: Lanisha Hostler; Christian Adair, Fayette Co. Schools
Building a Culture of Acceptance

Beyond Acceptance: Maximizing Equity and Belonging for Multilingual Learner Families
This session will provide an overview of legal obligations to Multilingual learners' parents and guardians regarding communication and correspondence. The presentation will cover federal, school, and classroom level obligations. Practical guidance and tools will be provided to participants to use in their schools to elevate equitable practices and belonging for Multilingual learner families. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and clarify misconceptions through a relevant case-based scenario. 
Presented by: Geniene Piche, Ed.D.; Emma Everson, Ph.D., Boone Co. Schools
Building a Culture of Acceptance

Why History Matters: Creating Social Studies Classrooms that Connect with Today’s Secondary Students
Approximately two thirds of Kentucky teens are not scoring at a proficient level in social studies. Middle school administrator, author, and award-winning social studies teacher, Kelly Beckett, will give you detailed, easy to implement ideas that will turn boring classrooms into collaborative learning communities filled with innovative ways to celebrate student learning. While focused on social studies, many of the ideas could easily be applied across all content areas.
Presented by: Kelly Beckett, Ed.S., Scott Co. Schools
Building a Culture of Acceptance

Why The Power of the KWEL Sisterhood
Are you a woman seeking professional growth experiences and mentorship to navigate our leadership journey? Are you looking for opportunities to be your best self? Then KY Women in Education Leadership is for you! Come and meet members of KWEL and hear their stories of inspiration and support that have helped shape their career goals and trajectory. Learn more about KWEL, steps to apply, and tips in completing the application process.
Presented by: Kathy Fields, Ed.D., KASA; Jenny Lynn Hatter, Ed.S., Harrison Co. Schools; Rachel Crider, Floyd Co. Schools