District Operations Role Group

Board Representative: Rodney Jackson, Fayette County 

Finance Officers
Food Service Directors
Chief Information Officers
Technology Coordinators/Directors
Director of Facilities
Director of Human Resources
Director of Personnel
Director of Public Relations
Director of Transportation

District Academics

Board Representative: Matt Perkins, Muhlenberg County 

Gifted/Talented Education     
Instructional Supervisor
Coordinator of Preschool
Coordinator of Special Education    
Coordinator of Student Achievement                         
Coordinator of Title I
Coordinator of Curriculum 
Director of Adult Education
Director of Community Education
Director of Curriculum/Instruction
Director Elementary
Director High  
Director Middle
Director Professional Development
Director Special Education
Assistant Superintendent
Deputy Superintendent

School Counselors

Board Representative: Stacy Davis, Mercer County

School Counselors


Emeritus Members

Board Representative: Vacant

Emeritus Members


Student Services Role Group

Board Representative: Jeremy Camron, Daviess County 

Principal Alternative School
Social Worker
Director/Coordinator District Wide Program
Director/Coordinator School Health
Director Federal Programs
Director of Alternative Schools
Director of FRYSC
Director of Student Services
Coordinator of Grants 

High School Principals Role Group

Board Representative: Jennifer Muncy, Ed.D., Fayette County 

High School Principal     
Assistant High School Principal
Principal Technical Center
Dean K-12

Middle School Principals Role Group

Board Representative: William Sims, Ed.D., Pulaski County

Middle School Principals
Assistant Middle School Principals


Elementary Principals Role Group

Board Representative: Melissa Turner, Floyd County

Elementary School Principals
Assistant Elementary School Principals


Board Representative: Alvin Garrison, Covington Ind. 



Board Representative: Melanie Barrett, Christian County

Directors of Pupil Personnel