Premier Lifetime

Your KASA…

Represents You:

Voice at the Capitol

•Representation at state/national level

Protects and Supports You:

Unlimited access to legal counsel from KASA's attorney

•Direct representation in matters before EPSB or OEA

•Legal assistance funds from $2,000 to $5,000 per qualifying incident

•Professional Liability Insurance of $1 million

Enriches and Informs You:

•Network of over 3,000 administrators across the state

•Free professional development workshops

•Discounted leadership development opportunities

•Scholarship, award, and recognition programs

•Opportunity to serve on committees

•Special interest publications (Hotline, Kentucky School Leader)

•E-communications (ENB, InTouch)

Appreciates You:

•Exclusive, high quality KASA branded item

•50% dues discount*


Note: Premier Lifetime members have benefits for remainder of career, unless a break in service occurs.

*Discount good only for current year after each five consecutive years of membership at the Premier level, provided legal funds are not accessed during the five-year period.