Rapid Improvement Effort (RIE) enables you to identify a single area of concern that will benefit from a redesign resulting in rapid improvement. Small Kentucky districts such as Lee County found $300,000 in savings from its RIE work. Examples RIE projects include salary structures, long-term facilities planning, operations, hiring quality people, budget development process, and transportation. 

Presented in a 3-day, face-to-face setting, this workshop will provide a collaborative forum to learn about effective tools and techniques to enable your district to align around important initiatives, ensure effective use of resources, establish clear ownership of deliverables, appropriate resource and plan for change, and organize information management and flow.

The time between the first and second sessions will allow teams to complete the work they start at the workshop. Completing the work in their districts will allow teams to engage other critical stakeholders. Each district will be supported with virtual coaching, as needed.

An additional face-to-face meeting will be held to wrap up the work. It will include:

  • Each district sharing their story board with the other districts

  • Integrating feedback from other districts, if appropriate 

"The KASA PIPE session we participated in provided a tremendous jump start to making changes to our staff attendance process in the Breckinridge County School District. As a result, we are working through a very defined process to ensure our students are able to maximize their educational experience."
Nick Carter, superintendent, Breckinridge County Schools

“In the world of shrinking funding for schools,  districts have to maximize their resources (time-money-human capital) in order to provide the best learning experiences for our students. The PIPE work will help us look at our processes in order to be the most efficient we can be in order to provide a world-class education for the students of Oldham County.”
Greg Schultz, superintendent, Oldham County Schools


Would your district benefit from:

Saving a Minimum of $100,000 Per Year?

Reducing Risk Liability?

Greater Operating Efficiencies?

More Resources for Classrooms?

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October 27-28, 2020
Location: KASA Training Center, Frankfort

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

EILA: 18 hours EILA will be provided

$4,500 per district team
         (3 to 5 participants)

For more information call
(800) 928-5272.