KASA Annual Leadership Institute 

Request for Education Session Proposals - Deadline to submit is February 28

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KASA is accepting education session proposals for the 2020 Annual Leadership Institute coming July 29-31, 2020 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. Based on the theme Light, Leadership, Legacy: 2020 Vision and Beyond, the planning team is seeking sessions to address education needs and expand the leadership capacity of our members. Sessions should showcase a particular area of expertise or experience that you, your school, or district wish to share as a best practice model.

Presentation Parameters

Education sessions will take place Thursday, July 30, 2020, and will be one hour in length. Sessions will be identified in terms of topic, target audience, and presentation format as follows:

Lecture – Research, practices, or program is presented to an audience by an individual or team 

Panel Discussion – Specific topic is discussed among a selected group of panelists who share differing perspectives, while attendees are invited to add their perspectives, comments, or questions 

Roundtable – Participants take part in small group discussions on an assigned topic for a timed interval facilitated by the session presenter

Workshop – Attendees actively participate in learning a new skill, methodology, or technique facilitated by the session presenter


Sessions should be designed for P-12 school administrators featuring interactive, engaging adult learning techniques and showcase emerging trends and innovations in education based on Light, Leadership, Legacy: 2020 Vision and Beyond, the theme of this year’s event. 

Proposal Review and Notification

All proposals will be reviewed by members of the planning committee and KASA staff. Reviewers will evaluate the proposals through a series of questions:

  1. How well does the proposal relate to the event theme and focus areas?
  2. Does the proposal contain innovative, research-based, and cutting-edge ideas that achieve successful results?
  3. Will the proposal’s content attract and stimulate attendees?
  4. Does the proposal clearly specify what participants might gain from the session?
  5. Are the ideas, practices, and programs replicable, and do they focus on the hows and whys?
  6. Does the proposal provide a unique solution to a universal education-related concern?
  7. Are presentation techniques current, diverse, and interactive?
  8. Does the session clearly indicate how attendees will be engaged?
  9. Does the proposal/session provide the level of insight, instruction, and material that meets the high standards and expectations of KASA attendees?
  10. Does the session provide theory and practical application?
  11. Will the presentation help attendees lead schools effectively while doing their jobs?

Tips for Preparing Your Proposal

  1. Session title should be 15 words or less and should clearly reflect the session’s focus and content.
  2. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms that do not clearly explain the session’s content.
  3. Use active verbs to describe what will occur in the session. (Examples: discuss, examine, present)
  4. Session descriptions should be limited to 50 words and should indicate presentation style (lecture, panel discussion, roundtable, workshop) and learning targets participants can expect to gain from your session.
  5. Indicate whether handouts or other resources will be available.
  6. Write in complete sentences. Do not use phrases.

Goals and Objectives of the Annual Leadership Institute

  1. Keep NxG leading and learning at the forefront of the annual leadership event.
  2. Recognize education leaders’ critical role in creating the future (next 50 years) and preparing the next generation of leaders and learners for living successfully in our global society.
  3. Understand public education’s role in workforce and economic development of a global Kentucky and society, including post high school credentials (CTE). 
  4. Return to schools and districts inspired and motivated to pursue ideas and act on what they heard and learned.
  5. Gain solid information on new trends and developments in the education field—solutions to common problems, knowledge of new but widely applicable techniques or explore current thinking and practice in a useful way.
  6. Ensure education sessions encompass a strong school safety strand.
  7. Acquire greater knowledge and skill in the education field through participatory networking, exchange and inquiry.

Presenter Registration

Presenters must register for the institute before or upon acceptance of the proposal at the earlybird member rate. Registration fee includes access to all general sessions, concurrent education sessions, featured workshops, exhibit hall, meal functions, activities, and EILA conference or finance officer credit. 

Proposal Submission

Each organization or individual may submit up to two session proposals. To submit a proposal, complete the online submission form by February 28, 2020. KASA will notify the primary presenter in April 2020 regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of all proposals.

Kentucky Association of School Administrators

Questions? Contact Owens Saylor (owens@kasa.org) or Rhonda Caldwell (rhonda@kasa.org)