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 General Sessions

Hamish Brewer (Opening Session)

Sometimes you have to hear the things you don’t want to hear in order to move forward, to be better and to get results. Hamish will take you on a hard-hitting journey that will challenge to rethink your practices, to disrupt the norm and change the game. Find out if you have or are willing to go one more round, if you’re willing to advocate for every single person and child. Find out if you’re willing to take your school or organization to the next level.

Tim Elmore (Second General Session)

Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing the Hidden Realities in the Most Anxious Population
Just who are today's teens and young adults anyway? While you can readily find data on this population of young people who grew up in the 21st century, it's hard to know how to transform that data into practical action steps that are helpful and easy to implement with today's students. This is a problem. By examining the latest research, and uncovering some of their greatest challenges, Dr. Elmore will provide practical steps on how you can lead today's youngest population into healthy, productive lives. 

Jon Petz (Closing Session)

Leave a Legacy By Living a Legacy
In every action, known or unknown, you create instances of your future legacy. While you can certainly respect the legacy you inherit, you can always open your eyes, mind and soul to the legacy you have the opportunity to create. Join an interactive session with Jon Petz along with special guests to sum up the day and week while experiencing a view of your life as a legacy you are determined to fulfill. 

Education Sessions

BC Skills: Rural Relevance in the Technology Workforce & Economy
"BC Skills" is a computer programming and entrepreneurship apprenticeship program in rural Kentucky and is successfully training regional high school seniors and adults in a manner that allows them to thrive in the 21st century economy. Though most students entered with zero programming experience, many have been hired by software development firms in Boston, Louisville, and Nashville, have built their own technology start-ups, or are continuing their education in computer science at the university level.
Presented by Bo Matthews, Scott Harper,  Amy Irwin, CheyAnne Fant, and Justin Browning, Barren County Schools

Defining Generation Z
In the year 2000, adolescent attention spans were 12 seconds. Today, they are six seconds. Students spend the equivalent of an eight-hour day in front of screens, which makes teaching them more challenging than ever. This session is practical and research-based, comparing five generations of students and offering current best practices for communicating with Generation Z.
Presented by Dr. Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders

Implementing Innovative Leadership in an Inclusive Learning Environment
This session is designed to provide future and current educational leaders with effective, research-based strategies for delivering culturally competent, responsive, and inclusive school leadership. The tools offered serve to break down barriers, open up equitable opportunities for students, all the while simultaneously promoting the academic achievement and personal development of each and every child.
Presented by Dr. Houston Barber, Frankfort Independent Schools

School Law: Year in Review
In this annual session, Wayne shares his overview of important developments in school law emerging from recent state and federal court decisions and the 2020 legislative session.
Presented by V Wayne Young, J.D., Kentucky Association of School Administrators

The Keys to Building Successful Relationships with Students and Families
Relationships are the key to any successful life experience, but they are often the hardest thing to cultivate. As a licensed marriage and family therapist JC Pohl understands the importance of meeting each other's needs, yet many of us don't know how to simply define those needs. This session will clearly illustrate the relational needs that we all have, and teach attendees how to use this new vocabulary to build stronger connections at work and in life.
Presented by JC Pohl, Teen Truth

Using Social Media to Build Community Engagement in your District
"If we as schools don't tell our story on social media, others will... And I guarantee our version is better!" This session will share tools to confidently and consistently share your story with thousands each week on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will dive into the analytics behind social media, discuss the engagement tactics being used, and wrap it around steps to take!
Presented by Andrea Gribble, #SocialSchools4EDU

Kentucky Accountability Update
In a virtual setting, hear the latest information regarding Kentucky's school accountability system.  
Presented by Rhonda Sims, Jennifer Stafford, Kentucky Department of Education

New Standards, Same Goal:  Using PSEL to Support Principal Professional Growth
Recognizing the necessity of leveraging supports to ensure principal effectiveness, EPSB, KDE, and IHE joined forces in 2019 to adopt common leadership standards.  This session will provide an intense review of the newly adopted standards and offer participants an opportunity to contribute feedback on a draft PSEL Guidance Tool designed to support the continual growth and development of school leaders.
Presented by Dr. Eve Proffitt, Jenny Ray, Stacy Noah, and Paul Prater, KY Department of Education


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The on demand option will be available until
8 a.m., Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

EILA credit provided at the completion of each session evaluation.

Accessing On Demand Sessions

Once you are registered, you may access the sessions through the event app. Instructions listed below:

Download KASA's Event app

Download Eventsential from your app store. Choose KASA > 2020 Annual Leadership Institute. **If you have already downloaded the app, open the app on your mobile device, choose More at the bottom of the screen and tap Change Event (located at the top of the screen).

Once you have the app downloaded:

Go to Schedule > select the sessions you wish to view (those that are On-demand will have Recorded  in the title of the session) > scroll to the bottom > under Resources click on Recording and it will take you to the link of the video sessions.

To obtain EILA for on-demand:

On the app go to schedule > select the session you have viewed > scroll to the bottom > under Resources select  Session Evaluation and EILA & you will be rerouted to take the session evaluation online > The Thank You page of the evaluation has a link to the EILA certificate for you to download.

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