Celebrating Kentucky Sheroes

We know it is lonely at the top, this especially holds true for women. The KWEL network is designed to support women serving in high level leadership roles in schools districts. The purpose of this group is really three-fold. First, it will give women that are currently serving as the superintendent the opportunity to mentor and support each other and also those seeking to be in top level leadership positions. Second, it will support women that aspire to lead but may need the confidence, courage and support to take the next step. Finally, this network will give all women serving in leadership roles the opportunity to grow as leaders through an additional support system unique to the needs of women and the challenges they face.  


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Orientation for Cohort 2 
8:30 a.m. Welcome and Orientation for C2 Leaders
Bluegrass DE, 2nd Floor
9:00 a.m.

Exemplary Leadership: Be the Leader People Want to Follow

How do you become the kind of leader people want to follow? How do you get others, by free will and choice, to move forward together in pursuit of a common vision? How do you mobilize them to want to struggle with you for shared aspirations? This session provides an overview of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s The Leadership Challenge®, which provides a shared definition for leadership, the five practices of exemplary leadership, and a clear path for becoming a more effective leader through the Leadership Practices Inventory.

Leave this session with a solid understanding of leadership behaviors, your personal and shared values, and the significance of meaningful recognition.

Rhonda Caldwell, CAE, Ed.D., KASA 
Bluegrass DE, 2nd Floor

12:00 p.m. Lunch (provided)
Bluegrass DE, 2nd Floor
Pre-Forum Session (open to Cohorts 1 & 2)
1:15 p.m. Putting Your Best Self Forward 
- Leading in Our Communities
Leading work outside of the four walls of our school or district office can make a great impact on both our perspective and our attractiveness as a candidate for the superintendency.  This session will focus on the networking and multiple, varied leadership experiences available in our communities and why women leaders, especially, should seek them.
Karen Cheser Ed.D., Supt Kenton County and Patricia Sheffer, Supt Union County
- Women and Dress: How are you putting your best self forward? How you dress matters, especially for professional women. This session will look at the unwritten rules of professional and business casual dress for women. Models will demonstrate what right and wrong looks like.
Nannette Johnston, KASA and KWEL Steering Committee
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
3:15 p.m.  Hotel Check-in and Transition to Opening Session

Women's Forum
4:00 p.m. Opening Session for All Members
-Welcome- Celebrating Kentucky Sheroes
-Greeting from KASA- Celebrating our KISWA History and Past Women Leaders
-Celebrating our Sheroes Today
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
4:45 p.m. Structured Networking
Pre-function Lobby Area, 2nd Floor
6:00 p.m. Dinner and Sponsor Blessing and Message
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
6:45 p.m. Keynote Address: A Shero Lives in You: Within each of us is the courage, fortitude, and strength to become great women leaders. Discover how to unleash the shero in you and be the extraordinary, remarkable woman that you are. Celebrate your uniqueness and unleash the shero!
Valarie Willis, Valarie Willis Consulting
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
7:35 p.m. New Cohort Induction Ceremony: Celebrating the Leaders of Tomorrow
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
8:15 p.m.  Shero Soiree: Dessert Reception Celebration with Refreshments
Pre-function Lobby Area, 2nd Floor
Friday, January 18, 2019
Women's Forum Day 2
7:30 a.m. Breakfast 
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
7:45 a.m. Scholastic Presentation
8:00 a.m. From High Heels to Hard Hats: Women in Education Leadership: Members of the original Kentucky Institute for Women in School Administration (KIWSA) will share data about current reality for women leaders nationally and across Kentucky schools and districts. Participants will also engage with panelists in a discussion about the delights (high heels) and challenges (hard hats) women leaders often encounter as they advance their careers. 
Lu Young (facilitating), Tina Tipton, Lois Adams-Rodgers, Linda France

Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
9:30 a.m.  Break
9:45 a.m.  Mentor Match - Table Talk (guided questions and relationship building)
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
10:45 a.m.  Break
10:55 a.m.  Inspirational Message - Shero, Shero, in the Hall Who's the Shero of Them All? You are a shero! Let's bring it all together and determine steps and be a shero of action. A shero always forges a path to achieve her goals and dreams. Let's get moving!
Valarie Willis, Valarie Willis Consulting
Bluegrass Ballroom ABC, 2nd Floor
11:30 a.m.  Closing & Evaluation

Registration Closed

January 17-18, 2019

Marriott East
Louisville, KY


6 hours EILA credit available

Lodging Information
Louisville Marriott East Hotel

1903 Embassy Square, Louisville, KY
(800) 228-9290
Ask for the KASA/KY Women in Education Leadership (KWEL) room block rate of $134 by December 17, 2018.